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Where To Bet PGA Group Betting


One thing that is hard about betting on golf is the variance. There are simply so many golfers that even if you pick someone that has a great round, there are still so many players that they are going against who could also have a great round. It’s not like a boxing match, one on one, it’s one against the world.

A great way to circumvent this is with group betting. You are not betting on a golfer against the entire field, you are betting on that golfer versus his group. That is much more manageable and a great way to bet on a golfer that you think will do well.

If you’re looking to do some PGA Group Betting, you’ve come to the right place. This book is going to show you how to bet on them, where to bet on them, and at the end I’m going to share with you my strategy for betting on them. Let’s do it.

Where To Bet PGA Group Betting:

America: BetOnline has many betting options for PGA events including some great odds on group betting.

Everywhere Else: One sportsbook that I can always count on for great PGA betting odds is Bet365 Sportsbook. They have group betting odds as well as props, top-5, winners, and more.

What is PGA Group Betting?

PGA Group Betting is a bet on a single player within a group of players. You are not betting on that player to beat the field, you are only betting on him to beat the other players within his group. Sometimes these groups are selected by the actual groups on the course, the players who tee off together. While other times the group is a list of players with some commonality: Europeans, Americans, ranked players, rookies, etc.

With groups that tee off together, you are betting on them only for that day. It is a single day bet and it is settled at the end of the day with the best player’s score leading to a win.

With groups like rookies or Europeans, that bet will typically be for the entire event.

The odds are set on the golfers with how they are expected to finish in the tournament. So someone who is favored will have better odds than someone who has lower odds. Here’s an example foursome to give you a taste:

Rickie Fowler +105
Maverick McNealy +210
Cameron Tringale +500
Kevin Streelman +550

As you can see, Fowler is the big favorite here to have the best afternoon as he has the best career to date.

Common PGA Group Betting Questions:

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How are groups selected?

Typically, players are picked via a random draw and placed together and slotted into their tee times. However, there are some “wink-wink” selections that take place for the purposes of TV ratings and all that.

Players are awarded the best tee times by the quality of their play. The best tee times go to winners of major championships and those who has recently won a PGA Tour event.

How to Bet PGA Group Betting:

BetOnline: Click on “Golf” on the left hand side of the page. This will display all of the available betting options. Scroll down the lists until you see “Groups”. Click that and you will see a list of the upcoming events.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Enter the Golf section of the sportsbook. Here you will find a list of all the upcoming events. Below the event you are looking to bet on there will be a link for Group betting. Click that to find the odds for betting on groups.

PGA Group Betting Betting Strategy:

For me personally, this is not a betting area where I like to mess around. I know who the best golfers are and so do you. I’m not looking for a situation where some up-and-comer upsets a great golfer. Those can be very profitable, but they are often few and far between.

This is the type of bet where I like to look for the best golfer with the best value.

Types of PGA Bets:

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Types of PGA Bets:

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