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Where to Bet the Ryder Cup


The Ryder Cup is a golf competition between teams made up of the best professional male players from Europe and the United States. It only takes place every two years and is a joint venture between the PGA, PGA Europe and PGA of Great Britain and Ireland.

It is held on even years. 2018, 2020, 2022 etc.

There are two teams of twelve with a variation of events making up 28 matches in all with all of the matches being 18 holes. The event alternates between a US location and a European location.

Since the Ryder Cup only comes around every two years, it is always considered special and can be a lot of fun to bet on with so many events. This article is going to cover how to bet on this event as well as where to bet on it.

Where To Bet The Ryder Cup:

America: Bovada is one of the best sites for betting golf on the web and the Ryder Cup is no different. Not only do they offer excellent odds and a great deposit bonus, but they offer the biggest variety of prop bets.

I find a lot of sportsbooks that cater to Americans don’t take golf betting seriously. I can’t say the same about Bovada who offer the biggest variety of Ryder Cup betting lines and a wide variety of Ryder Cup betting games.

Canada: There are plenty of Ryder Cup betting options at Sports Interaction. I always advise them to Canadians for a special reason – they have this fun golf bet where you can bet a winner of a tournament randomly and get 125/1 odds. It’s called the Pinata Pick and it’s risky but fun. You never know you might get someone like Rory McIlroy at 125/1 or something like that for a specific tournament.

Everywhere Else: With many top golfers coming from Europe, it’s no wonder that 888 has the Ryder Cup covered so well. They offer an incredible selection of bets, and also offer live betting so you can bet throughout the tournament. Their Ryder Cup bets are better than any other sportsbook.

What is the Ryder Cup?

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The Ryder Cup runs from Friday to Sunday with a total of 28 matches.

On Friday and Saturday, there are 4 foursome matches and 4 fourball matches. In foursomes, two golfers alternate hitting the same ball while in fourball each player plays their own ball. In both, each hole is won by the golfer (or team) with the lowest score with the highest total number of holes won being the team winner. There are 16 points up for grabs here. The captain’s decide who plays with who and in which games.

Sunday features 12 singles matches with all of the golfers playing each other for the final twelve points.

The team with the highest scoring total will win the Ryder Cup.

You can bet on everything during the Ryder Cup from the individual matches to the outright winner. You can even bet on the Ryder Cup Captain’s picks before they are made.

Common Ryder Cup Questions:

Who wins more Ryder Cups, the US or Europe?

Since the expansion of the event to include players from all of Europe in 1979, the European team is 11-8-1 in the Ryder Cup with the US naturally being the opposite. This goes up to and includes the 2018 Ryder Cup.

Where can I see Ryder Cup betting odds?

It’s always best to get things from the horses mouth. We link the sportsbooks below where you should bet on the Ryder Cup. We also give instructions on how to bet the Ryder Cup at these sportsbooks so just follow those instructions and it will take you to the current and most up to date Ryder Cup betting odds.

How To Bet the Ryder Cup:

Bovada: Simply find the link to “Golf” at the top of the homepage and from there all the Ryder Cup odds will be available.

Sports Interaction: Has the link to “Golf” right on the left sidebar with the Ryder Cup being listed just below it.

888: This site has the links to Golf right from their A-Z menu.

Ryder Cup Betting Strategy:

Like most golf, a lot of the Ryder Cup depends on whether they are in-form and course familiarity. Always research some recent results and course results if possible before taking a bet.

Outside of that, I’d say beware the foursome. A lot of these guys are paired together not because of their fit, but because there is no one else for them to go with. A lot of guys let their egos get in the way during these things as well so beware of the fit.

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Types of PGA Bets:

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