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Where To Bet Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings


Any fan of professional wrestling can tell you about Dave Meltzer’s star ratings. A five star match is the best of the best, one of the best matches of the year and the hope of every fan who is watching. Four stars are very good while one star matches are the worst of the worst. Nobody wants to see one of those outside of the makers of Botchamania.

Anyone can assign their own star ratings to matches, but Dave Meltzer is considered to be the gold standard in the world of wrestling. It is Dave Meltzer who popularized the star rating system in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter and people wait each week to see what Dave has given the latest matches. There are websites and podcasts dedicated to these ratings with people arguing about whether Dave was too high, too low, or just right.

Sportsbooks that offer pro wrestling betting have caught on to this phenomena and reacted accordingly. Yes, you can bet on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings. For a big show, you will see the odds on all the matches and then star rating odds as well. Odds where you can bet on what Dave Meltzer will rate a match. So you’re not only betting on how good the match will be, but also one man’s opinion of that match.

This article is for those of you who are interested in betting on this. I’m going to show you how to bet on this, where to bet on this, and my own strategy for betting on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings.

Where To Bet Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings:

America: BetOnline offers betting odds on all WWE and AEW big events, but they do not offer Dave Meltzer Star Ratings bets at this time.

Everywhere Else: Mr Green is the place to bet on Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings. They offer this for each AEW, WWE, and NJPW show that they offer betting odds on.

What are Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings bets?

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There are two different ways that this bet is presented at sportsbooks.

The first is “Highest rated match on the card”. This will feature a list of matches, or options about which match will be the highest rated of the night. For example, here is how Mr Green presented this bet for AEW Revolution 2021:

Highest rated match on the card:
AEW World Championship -112
Any other match +100
Same star rating +200

This is where the odds are set on one match and you have to decide if that match will be the best, another will be, or if it will tie. The odds are set on likelihood so a +100 bet would pay out $100, basically even money. While the same star rating would see a $100 bet pay out $200 thanks to the +200 odds.

The other way that this is presented is with “Star rating of listed match”. This is for an individual match and will see an over/under set for each match on the card. For this example, I will use Adam Page versus Matt Hardy from AEW Revolution 2021.

3.5 stars or more -118
Under 3.5 stars -118

This is a simple over/under bet so you just need to pick side here. A 3 star match or less would be under. A 3.5 match or higher would be over.

Common Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings Questions:

Does Dave Meltzer rate on a five star scale?

While many think that Dave Meltzer’s ratings are on a five-star scale, he has broken that numerous times over the years with matches that he considers to be better than five stars. The first instance of this came in 1989 when he gave six stars to a match between Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair. he would go there again in 1994 for a match between Mitsuhara Misawa and Toshiaki Kawada.

The scale went back to five stars being the max for a long time after that until Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada came around. They first hit six stars in 2017 then broke that with a 6 1/4 star match later that year before setting the all-time record of seven stars in 2018.

How to Bet Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings:

Mr Green: Head to the WWE/Pro Wrestling section of the page by search “wrestling” in the search bar up top. From there, you can click the matches to find the individual star ratings for them. Or find the “Event Props & WON Star Ratings” for more star rating specials.

Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings Betting Strategy:

The most important consideration with this one is “will it get time?” While there are wrestlers who can put on great matches, you have to consider if they will get the time to tell that story. A match lower on the card will likely see a lower rating just because it is going to get less time.

I also like to consider Meltzer’s favorites or biases. Many of his top rated matches of all-time have involved Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, and Will Ospreay. The totals may be set high on these, but they are often a good place to bet an over.

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