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Where To Bet PGA Top 10 Finish


Golf betting is a ton of fun. Tournaments last four days and you can really watch as things progress. Your golfer may have a bad first day and make that dramatic comeback to really make for a great time.

Of course, that type of thing is rare and picking winners is really hard to do. Some tournaments have 150 golfers enter them and picking the winner is not easy. One good way to counteract this is by spreading your money around and betting more than one golfer. Another great way to deal with this is by betting on a top-10 finish. The odds on this are not as big as they are on picking the outright winner, but they are much easier to pick.

This article is going to tell you a bit more about betting on PGA Top 10 Finishes. How they work, where to bet them, and how we bet them.

Where To Bet PGA Top 10 Finish:

America: You can find betting odds at BetOnline for top-5 and top-10 PGA finishes.

You can also find betting odds at Bovada during the week of a tournament. It can sometimes be good to compare the sportsbooks to find the best odds!

Everywhere Else: There are many golf options available at Bet365 Sportsbook. They also offer E/W odds and player props.

What is a PGA Top 10 Finish bet?

A PGA Top 10 Finish bet is simply a bet on if your golfer will finish in the top ten in the final standings. It doesn’t matter where they finish, as long as it is in the top ten of all golfers on that tournament. If they win, it still pays the same amount than if they finished 10th.

This is a pretty straight forward bet, but it’s also a rather safe way to bet. You have a lot of chances to win because the amount of places that your golfer can finish. While the odds on a golfer to win can be something like +1000 or +5000, the odds for that same golfer to finish in the top ten can be -400 to +120. You are trading some of the massive payoff for more security in your betting.

Common PGA Top 10 Finish Questions:

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What if there are multiple golfers are tied for 10th place?

This will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but for most of them the “dead heat rule” applies. The way that the dead heat rules works is that the wager is reduced according to how many players tie. The way the reduction works is that part of your stake is a “win” and part of it is count as a loss.

For example, if you bet $100 at +200 on a 10th place finish and your golfer ended up tied with won other. Half of the stake, the $100, would be lost. The other $50 would be a win, paid at +200 odds, paying $100.

The same applies with three or more golfers. For three, it would be a loss of $66.66 and a win of $33.33 at +200.

How to Bet PGA Top 10 Finish:

BetOnline: Click where it says “Golf” on the left hand side bar. This will display some of the golf betting options and you can then click “Golf – Top 10” to see all of the betting odds for top ten finishes.

Bovada: Click “Golf” from the list of sports at the top of the site. You’ll be taken to a page with the golf futures, scroll down until you find the Top 10.

Bet365 Sportsbook: When you click “golf” on the left side of the page, it will pull up all of the current betting odds they have for current and upcoming tournaments.

PGA Top 10 Finish Betting Strategy:

While it is nice to bet on a favorite, I don’t like to bet on one when the odds are too high. My limit is about -200 for a top 10 finish. The payoff just isn’t there to justify the risk. If you bet $100 each on two golfers at -200 to finish in the top ten and only one ends up making it, that would be a loss of $50. That’s just not worth it.

I like to be sure that my golfers are going to perform, but also that it is worth betting if they do. The sweet spot is the +125 to +175 range. That is where the guys who can definitely make that move are so those are the ones that I like to target. It’s always good to do your research ahead of time on a golfer’s recent play and how they have performed at a course in the past as well.

Types of PGA Bets:

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Types of PGA Bets:

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