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Where To Bet AEW Dynamite Online


In this article I am going to cover where to bet on All Elite Wrestlings weekly TV show, AEW Dynamite.

While betting on wrestling pay per views is a common occurence these days, betting on TV shows is a bit of a rarity. A large reason for that is simply because prior to AEW Dynamite, all we had was WWE RAW and Smackdown and they often didn’t announce upcoming matches on a TV show.

Or if they did – well the matches would get changed from a 1 vs 1 to a 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4 often enough that it didn’t make sense for online sportsbooks to handicap it or offer betting odds if a large portion of the matches would get changed. WWE often like to have their main event or main matches set up throughout the process of the show as well.

Enter AEW Dynamite, who actually plan their matches in advance and usually will never change them. You can know the upcoming card of an AEW Dynamite show a few days out, and know that it’s going to stay the same.

So we’re starting to see online sportsbooks embrace that, and offer betting on announced matches on AEW Dynamite. Let’s cover where to bet on AEW Dynamite:

Where To Bet AEW Dynamite Online

The primary sportsbook for AEW Dynamite betting is BetOnline. They are the first online sportsbook to offer odds for the matches.

It’s hit and miss whether they offer odds up every week, or whether they cover all matches or just a few but it’s well worth checking them out a day or so before the show to see if they offer odds for the upcoming card.

BetOnline are open to everyone no matter what country you’re from.

This next one is for people NOT living in America – 888.

First of all they offer weekly betting on the television ratings involving AEW Dynamite. Where you can bet on the amount of viewers AEW Dynamite will have, as well as the difference in AEW vs NXT.

They’re also one of the more progressive online sportsbooks in terms of wrestling betting odds so they are another great resource to check if you want to bet on AEW Dynamite.

What AEW Dynamite Bets Are There?

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So far, I have not seen any AEW Dynamite bets involving various props in the matches. Instead, you can either bet on the matches themselves and who will win, or the television ratings.

Here are examples of betting odds from the March 18th episode of AEW Dynamite (first ’empty arena’ show due to the coronavirus):

  • Hikaru Shida +100 vs Riho +150 vs Kris Statlander +275 vs Penelope Ford +300
  • The Butcher and the Blade -425 vs Jurassic Express +265
  • Best Friends -250 vs Lucha Bros +120
  • The Inner Circle -250 vs The Elite +170

On that particular episode, the Exalted One was to be revealed and you could even bet on who that would be. For the record, Matt Hardy was favourite at -200 and Brodie Lee was next at +150.

You can also bet on television ratings involving AEW vs NXT aka the Wednesday Night Ratings War. Betting examples for that are:

  • Will AEW have 0.25 million more viewers than NXT?
  • Will AEW be over or under 0.85 million viewers?

That’s all you can bet on AEW Dynamite currently.

Common AEW Dynamite Betting Questions:

When are AEW Dynamite Betting Odds published?:

AEW Dynamite odds are usually posted either on Tuesday or Wednesday and taken down an hour or so prior to the show.

How to Bet AEW Dynamite Online

BetOnline: Click the sportsbooks name to visit them and click on the sports section. You should see “Wrestling” in the sidebar menu however also check under “Game Props” as they often put wrestling there. Then you will see if there is an AEW Dynamite listing and you can click on the bet to add it to your bet slip.

888: Look under the section entitled “WWE/Pro Wrestling” by either searching for “WWE” using their universal search bar, or clicking “All Sports” in the sidebar and utilizing that to find WWE/Pro Wrestling. When you click on a bet it will provide all of the terms and conditions related to said bet.

AEW Dynamite Betting Strategy:

Honestly from what I have seen so far, AEW Dynamite is one of the softest markets to bet on as long as you are paying attention to the show. Using the odds for that March 18th show for example – AEW were building Lucha Bros up as part of the Dark Triangle so it wouldn’t make sense for them to lose there I felt. I also felt Brodie Lee as exalted one was more obvious what with Matt Hardy being a face etc. Just use general common sense and don’t get sucked into the fantasy booking aspect of it all.

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