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Where To Bet Politics Online


In this section I am going to cover betting on politics.

You can bet a lot of politics online and politics betting really came to the forefront during the US 2016 election when the underdog Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. It was fascinating watching his odds rise as time went on from the period in which he announced he was running, up until the nomination and even the day of. He went in as quite a heavy underdog but still was able to win and since then a lot of people pay more attention to betting on politics.

The US election is not the only thing you can bet on of course. There are lots of local elections you can bet on. Whether you wish to bet on the Western Australia State Election,who the Next UK Prime Minister will be, or even the total seats that a party will win in an election – there is just a wide variety of politics betting options available for you.

Let’s cover the best sportsbooks to bet politics online at:

Where To Bet Politics Online:

America: The best option for Americans looking to bet politics is Bovada. They offer a strong focus on the US election as well as other politics bets related to America. Such as “Will Sarah Huckabee Sanders run for Arkansas Governor?”. They also offer a wide variety of props. They don’t cover a lot of non-US betting but will offer some such as if Jair Bolsonard completes his first term or not in Brazil. From looking around, Americans don’t really have the option to bet on UK politics and it’s all going to be focused on the US for you guys.

Everywhere Else: It has to be Bet365 Sportsbook. They do the best at covering global politics betting and cover politics betting all over the world, as well as a strong focus on the UK market They allow you to break the UK General Election down by constituencies for example and also allow you to bet on local elections such as who the next London Mayor will be. They cover countries such as Denmark and Italy and elections there as well, and just have the best all around selection of election betting.

Where To Make Specific US Politics Bets:

Australia Elections: There are a variety of bets available for Australian elections such as the Federal elections, state elections, Party Leader elections etc. In this article I cover where to bet all of these elections and what to look for when betting on Australian elections.

UK General Election: It’s always good for some fun and drama and you can add to it by betting on the UK general election. In this article I talk about where to bet the UK general election, as well as what to look for when betting it.

UK Next Prime Minister: If you’re looking to bet on who the next UK Prime Minister is going to be, this is the article for you. I cover the best sportsbooks to bet on who the next UK Prime Minister will be, as well as explain why they are the best.

US Presidential Election: Looking to bet on the US Presidential Election or any markets related to it such as who the Democratic Candidate will be? In this article I talk about betting the US Presidential Election, what strategies to use when betting it, what to look for and the best sportsbooks to bet the US Presidential Election.

How to Bet Politics Online

Bovada: Head to the sportsbook section, and from there click on the button “All Sports (A-Z)”. This list is sorted by alphabetical order and you can choose “Politics” to see a lost of all politics betting available. To place the bet you click on what you wish to bet – ie: the Democratic Party to win the election – and it is added to the betting slip to the right. You then put in the amount you wish to risk and then click the button to place the bet.

Bet365 Sportsbook: All politics betting here is listed under “Specials”. Expand that section on the left and it is then broken down by country. So you would click on “North America” to see all betting available for North America. Or click on “United Kingdom” to see all politics betting related to UK politics.

What Politics Bets / Props Are There?

Politics Deposit Bonuses
The most obvious bet available is who will win a specific election, or who the next mayor or president will be.

Depending on the election and the country there will be a variety of different bets.

For example for the UK General Election you’ll be able to bet a partys total seats, the party vote share, or bet within various constituencies.

In the US elections you can bet on who the candidate will be as well as what party will win or what candidate will win.

As special events occur, sportsbooks may add special prop bets for it. For example when Trump did his State of the Union address in 2019. You could bet on so many props such as the colour of his tie, length of his speech, if he says certain words such as “Border Wall” etc.

Common Politics Betting Questions:

Can you bet on if Donald Trump will be impeached?

There have been numerous bets over the years of Trump in office covering whether he would be impeached, removed from office etc. Obviously the odds change drastically for something like this. A couple of betting market odds for this:

– Will Donald Trump be Impeached During His First Term? This opened in September at +125 for Yes and by November 18th the Yes was -210.

– Odds Trump Leaves Office via Impeachment? This one opened early December 2019 at -1000 for “Yes” and by mid month was down to -800.

Politics Betting Strategy:

The biggest thing I’ve found with politics is not to listen to the loudest people.

The US Presidential Election in 2016 is one I am sure we are most familiar with and that is the perfect example.

Back when it was who would get the democratic nomination for example, if you followed the internet you’d think Sanders was a lock for it. The “left” leaning people seem to be the loudest when it comes to the likes of social media. However that wasn’t the case and while Hillary was always favourite at the sportsbooks, you could get on her at -300 in September which was a decent price. It’s one of those things that if you look back at it retroactively, you can see where it was easier to bet on her.

In saying that, Trump was never the favourite at any sportsbook to become president. Hillary was a huge favourite throughout the race at around -500 odds. Again looking back at it retroactively, you can see the split between Sanders vs Clinton that caused issues there. I won’t go into any further analysis as I realize it is a controversial subject except to say look at who would benefit the media the most, and look at backing them.

Variants To Betting on Politics

[If there are variants to the type of bet, list them here in bullet list format. This will eventually be interlinks within the site. If there are no variants, just omit this section entirely.]

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