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Where To Bet The Australian Elections


Every three years the federal government of Australia hold their elections to find the next party and prime-minister to lead their country. Overseen by the Australian Electoral Commission, there’s also the state elections, from Queensland to Victoria, all across Australia, as the different parties are selected to represent each region. This means that there’s plenty of betting opportunities here, but where do you start when looking to put down any kind of a wager?

Despite the federal elections being set for every three years, this has been known to change depending on the circumstances. With the political climate constantly shifting, there’s always the potential for another on the horizon, something which itself has been highly speculated upon in recent times. Australia has also seen the implementation of coalition governments, such as the Liberals and Nationals coming together to form an alliance.

This has seen a huge amount of change in the political landscape of Australia in recent years, with the climate constantly changing across the board. Effecting everyone from the local regions right up to the top, there’s constant debate on which direction the country should be headed in. This also means that there’s plenty of opportunities for you to cast a potentially far more rewarding and lucrative bet, which we shall now look at in greater detail here.

Where To Bet The Australian Elections:

America: Unfortunately, bets of this type are currently unavailable in the North American region, although some international sportsbooks are making their way into the market there, so it could possibly be available soon.

Canada: Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, with it covering everything on the Australian Elections betting wise.

Everywhere Else: Again Bet365 Sportsbook will have everything you need for making a bet on the Australian Elections.

What is The Australian Elections?

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With the main parties including Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens, there’s a lot of heated competition and debate in the run-up to each election. The date of the elections themselves is decided by the incumbent prime-minister, and an election can be called at any time prior to the three years being up. Taking place nationwide, the candidates themselves must then be formally nominated through the official Electoral Commission, with fifty signatures being required for any independent candidate.

There are currently 151 seats in the lower House of Representatives, along with 76 in the upper, and a number of these will be contested in the elections. What does the Australian Election process itself look like though?:

Federal Elections: These are the main elections that has sole purpose of seeing who will next run the country.
State Elections: Taking into account the different regions, from the West to the South, including Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, they pick the parties to lead them locally.
Party Leader Elections: Finding the candidates to best represent each individual party, this is set to find the people who will potentially lead the way for them in governing the country.

With this general election overview what are your options when considering putting down any money on a bet? How do you make your money work for you and what should you take into account given all of the bets on offer?

Common Australian Elections Questions:

What should I look out for?:

First and foremost you need to make yourself aware of all the parties and the policies they propose, in order to gain an insight into the foundations of what the elections are truly about. You should then back that up with knowledge of how voters behaved in previous elections, along with what the turnout was. Another aspect to seriously consider is that of the newspaper endorsements, both locally and nationally, as these can also make or break any politician’s career. This also goes for various commentators, although you should be aware of their personal biases, including your own, as it’s best to be completely pragmatic when putting down your money. It’s ultimately the public themselves that will be the deciding factor though, and you should be able to gain a gauge of this by seeing what the public consensus is around you, along with the online and social-media reaction, which is also useful for those abroad.

What type of bets are there?:

To start with you’ll have the bets based on which party will win outright, as well as who will be the next permanent party leaders. You then have your regional based votes, as you can select which party you think will win each state, combining the wagers across the board. This is also the case for betting upon which candidates will represent each party, all depending on if and when these votes are taking place. There are also other smaller bets to made depending on the circumstances of the elections themselves, such as what the year of the next election will be. Keeping an eye on the news at all times is essential, as many different bets may open, allowing you to find plenty of interesting wagers that could really raise the stakes.

How To Bet The Australian Election:

Bet365 Sportsbook: From the main page select the ‘English’ language tab, before going on to select the ‘Specials’ option down the left-hand side. Underneath this a range of regional options will come up, from which you’ll want to pick ‘Australia’. This will then bring up a selection down the middle of the page, allowing you to make your selection from here.

The Australian Elections Betting Strategy:

Keeping up-to-date with the news is obviously essential, as you’ll want to be continually aware of which direction the political landscape is headed in. Gauge the mood of the public as mentioned, being conscious of what those around you think or, if abroad, what people are saying online through social-media. This can only go so far though, as you’ll want to step back at a certain point, analyzing the political situation from a distance. Look at all your options across the board and hedge your bets as best you can, ultimately giving you better odds in the long-run.

The media is helpful to look into as well, seeing what commentators are saying, while keeping yourself unbiased and pragmatic in your approach. This should then allow you to make a far more conscious and informed decision when putting money down.

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