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Where To Bet Accumulators Online


Ah accumulator bets. Something no serious gambler should ever really consider, but also something that we just can’t really ignore can we? The lure of an accumulator bet is just too much. $5 to win $1000 or $5000 or $15,000? And unlike something like the lottery or a scratch card or roulette, we actually get to use our own knowledge to win that money? Very hard not to place them.

However you might be placing your accumulator bets at the wrong sportsbooks, and that’s why I am writing this article. To explain what accumulators are for the people who aren’t fully aware what they are and how they work, and also the best online sportsbooks to bet accumulators at.

Not everything is created equal and that’s the same for online sportsbooks and their accumulators. If you’re going to be betting accumulators, the first thing you want is the best bang for your buck. Some online sportsbooks offer better odds than others for accumulators, so why wouldn’t you bet at a place that is going to give you $15,000, as opposed to a sportsbook that is only going to give you a measly $12,000?

Then there’s trust. If you’re someone who likes to play those big accumulators like $2 to win $100,000 then you’re going to want an online sportsbook that is actually going to pay you for that aren’t you? Some online sportsbooks may not screw you but they WILL make it a hassle to get your money. They’ll nickel and dime you, force you to withdraw only a certain amount a week etc.

That’s why I’ve primarily written this article – to tell you the best online sportsbooks to bet accumulators at.

Where To Bet Accumulators Online

America: I’ve found the best place for accumulators for Americans is GT Bets. They don’t offer any special promotions or anything however when I have tested out various accumulators at them and a few other sportsbooks, I’ve found GT Bets always have the best lines. On a 5 team NFL parlay for example, they were offering 22/1 compared to 18/1 at every other sportsbook. They also run one of my favourite promotions, which is pick your “favourite team” to last you the basketball and football seasons, then you get extra points for them on bets.

Everywhere Else: When it comes to accumulators, you’ve got to go with Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer an accumulator bonus for specific sports such as American sports and Tennis. It may differ depending on your country. However for every bet added to the accumulator, they will give you a bonus on the odds. So if you pick 4 teams you get a 10% bonus. 6? A 20% bonus. All the way up to a 12 team accumulator where you get a whopping 50% bonus. Absolutely zero reason not to place your accumulator bets at Bet365 Sportsbook.

They also offer the option to cash out your accumulator bet at any time. Which is something you may wish to do when you have hit 11 teams out of a 12 team accumulator and are getting cold feet.

What is an Accumulator Bet?

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Technically, an accumulator bet is a bet that has at least two combinations of bets to give you enhanced odds.

So for example, Man City are 1.36 odds to win a game, and Liverpool are 1.33 odds, or bet $1 to win $0.36 and $1 to win $0.33. You can take a bigger risk by combing them. While 36 +33 = 69, that doesn’t mean you’ll get 1.69 odds. Due to the added risk you are taking, you will get higher odds like 1.81. Meaning due to the risk you are taking combining the bets, you are earning more money if they win.

All bets in an accumulator must win, or at the very least “push”. (ie: if you bet Patriots -7 and they win by exactly 7 that’s a push). If one bet loses, you lose your whole accumulator.

While an accumulator is technically two or more bets, most people only refer to it as an accumulator when it is four or more bets. Instead they refer to a two bet accumulator as a “double”, and a three bet accumulator as a “treble”.

Accumulator bets carry more risk the more bets you add to it, which means the odds will vastly increase too.

Let’s say you pick 10 NFL teams to cover the point spread. If you bet $10 on all teams individually, for a total of $100 risked and you win them all, you will get a return of about $90 per bet, or a total profit of $900.

Now let’s say you put all of those in a 10-fold accumulator and place the $100 on that. Instead of a total profit of $900? You will get a total profit of $68,782.81.

See why accumulators are so popular now? They’re also fun as they’re bets you don’t even have to put too much thought into. Bet all the home teams in the NHL one night or bet all the teams to draw in the EPL one week and just hope for the best. No research needed.

Common Accumulator Bet Questions:

What is an Anti-Accumulator Bet?

I’m not aware of any online sportsbooks that accept anti-accumulator bets but it is where you are betting that an outcome will actually lose, as opposed to win.

Should I hedge on an accumulator with one bet remaining?

A common question, and there are so many different scenarios. The best thing to do is act as if you have already won the portion of the accumulator, and have the money. For example let’s say you bet a 10 team accumulator. $100 to win $15,000. 9 of the bets have won so far, giving you $9,000 in winnings based on them and that final leg will determine whether you win $15,000 or not. Are you comfortable risking $9,000 to win that $15,000 on that remaining bet? If not then don’t, and look to hedge for an amount that you are comfortable with.

How does a 4 fold accumulator work?

A 4 fold accumulator is betting 4 teams or 4 outcomes to win. You must win all 4 (or at least have a push) to win the bet. If one of the 4 bets lose, you lose everything you risked even if the other 3 win.

How do I Calculate an Accumulator Bet?

All online sportsbooks offer different odds on accumulators etc. While there are online accumulator calculators, all online sportsbooks will allow you to see how much an accumulator is worth prior to placing the bet. So you can simply add the bets at the online sportsbook and they’ll tell you their return. Some online sportsbooks will even provide odds and risk amount for smaller accumulators. For example if you place a 7 team accumulator, they’ll even list how much you will win if you bet all 7 into 7 6-fold accumulators, or 21 5-fold accumulators etc.

Can You Bet Each Way on an Accumulator Bet?

It depends on the sport. You can do an each way accumulator on horse racing at most online sportsbooks but not golf, for example.

Can you bet accumulators over different sports?

Yes. You could do a 5-fold accumulator with 3 NBA bets and 2 NFL bets for example.

How to Bet Accumulators Online

GT Bets: Within their sportsbook section, simply click on the selections you wish to add to an accumulator. As you select them, it will add them to you bet slip to the right. You put a dollar amount in the “Risk” box and it will tell you how much you will win. There is also sections within your bet slip for round robin and additional accumulator options, and teaser bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: When you make your selections it will add it to the bet slip and will list the odds as you enter them. There’s also a button “Parlay Options” where you can click that and it will give you the option to bet different accumulators. For example rather than a 7-fold, you could bet 7 6-folds, or 21 5-folds. While you won’t earn as much money obviously, you will still make money if one or two of them lose.

Accumulator Betting Strategy:

First you have to understand that accumulators are generally a gamble. It’s hard to pick one game correct depending on the sport never mind 12! Accumulators are generally a mugs game and sportsbooks love offering them due to the high risk. If you are getting 15,000 to 1 on a bet for example there’s a good chance the true odds of it coming in are more like 60,000 to 1!

If you are putting the research into the games, then do straight bets as well. Use an accumulator as a side bet for smaller money. So if you look through the weeks NFL and EPL action and you like 6 games – bet $20 on each of the games straight up. Then throw $5 on the accumulator. That way it’s a low risk one and if you did the work and are correct, you should still profit.

Also look at possibly no research bets where you just rely on a basic system. A popular one for UFC is an accumulator where you simply bet all the favourites. Or an insanely high risk one where you bet all the underdogs etc.

Try to do your bets all for the same time or close to it. There’s nothing worse than having 7 bets win on a Sunday in the NFL, but you then have to wait for the Monday Night Football game to see if you win that massive amount or not.

Finally don’t get carried away. Accumulator bets can be fun but it’s just like betting the lottery. Do at least a little bit of research. Get at least a little bit of an edge.

Variants To Accumulator Bets:

None yet. More articles for the “guide” section coming soon though!

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