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Where To Bet NHL Player Props


NHL Player Props are a fun bet you can make on NHL games. Unfortunately they aren’t available at a lot of sportsbooks. Or sportsbooks are very limited in what props they actually offer. Don’t worry though – I’m going to provide the best online sportsbooks with the biggest variety of props.

In this article I’m going to outline what player props you can usually bet on in the NHL. I should also note I have a couple of prop specific articles if you wish to read about a particular player prop or where to bet it.

Those are:

  1. Goalie Saves
  2. Player Assists
  3. Player Blocked Shots
  4. Player Goals
  5. Player Power Play Points
  6. Player +/-
  7. Player Shots On Goal

I’m then going to break down the best online sportsbooks to bet the props. This could be due to the variety of props available or the odds available on the player props.

We’ll also discuss goalie props in this article. Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet NHL Player Props:

America: Bovada offer NHL player props on every game. Props offered include if a specific player will score, or who will record more points in a game between two players and also the total shots in a game by a player or the total saves in a game.

Canada: You’re best to have accounts at two sportsbooks if you live in Canada. Sports Interaction is a great option as it lists a variety of player props such as points, assists and goals for every NHL game. It’s my #1 choice. However it’s also good to have an account at 888 as well. The reason for that is they offer additional props such as the goalie saves and the first/last goalscorer. You may also find better odds as well – best to have both then you can compare.

Everywhere Else: 888 is the best option for you. They offer goalie saves, first and last goalscorer, then anytime goalscorer props as well as registering an assist or registering points.

What are NHL Player Props?

NHL Player Props are bets you can make where you are betting whether a specific player will, or will not do something during a game.

I’ll use some real life examples.

One popular prop is To Score A Goal where you can bet whether or not an NHL player will score a goal. So in a game between the Canucks and Islanders for example, you can bet whether or not Daniel Sedin will score a goal. The odds are $100 to profit $320 that he will, or $100 to profit $20 that he won’t.

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Another common prop and a lot less risky is To Score a Point. In that one, you’re betting whether or not a player will log at least one point in the game – via goal or assist. It doesn’t matter how many points he scores or how he gets them – as long as he logs at least one point, you’d win the bet if you backed “Yes”. The odds for that Sedin one would be $100 to profit $220 if yes, and $100 to profit $60 if no.

A variant you may see on that one is where you can actually bet if they’ll score at least 1 point, at least 2 points or at least 3 points.

You can also bet on a player to have an assist. Using Sedin as an example again, $100 profits $210 if you back “yes” and $100 profits $30 if you back “no”.

For the record – at the time of writing this Daniel Sedin had played 24 games and scored 5 goals with 7 assists. You’ll see a high variance on the odds depending on the player. On the same night, McDavid is 2.55 to score a goal compared to Sedins 4.20, and just 1.31 to score a point compared to Sedins 2.20.

Some sportsbooks will also offer up first goalscorer and last goalscorer bets where you get a better price if you bet on what goal they’ll score – first goal or last goal. Of course the odds on those are really high due to how risky they are. Using the Sedin example, if you bet him to score first goal or last goal a $100 bet would return $2000! You can’t bet “no” on those just first or last.

The final common prop you’ll see is an NHL goalie prop and it’s over/under on saves. In that one you will be betting the over/under on the quantity of saves that a goalie will make in a particular game.

Common NHL Player Prop Questions:

Can you bet season long player props?

Yes. A lot of online sportsbooks will offer the option to bet season long player props where you have to bet the amount of points or goals or assists a player will have over the course of a season. You’ll find those listed usually a week before the season begins.

How to Bet NHL Player Props:

Bovada: To see if Bovada are offering any NHL Player Props, visit their website and go to the Sports section then click “Hockey” on the left sidebar. Now it will list the NHL games and on the right it will state “+41 Bets ->” or similar. Click on that to expand the bets section per game.

Browse through the list for that game by scrolling down and the list of NHL player props will be at the bottom.

Sports Interaction: On the left side click “Hockey” to expand that section thnen click “NHL Props”. That will list all of the props available for the games being played on that particular day.

888: On the left side bar click “Ice Hockey” or use the search bar to search for “NHL”. This will bring up all the games with a +125 to the left of the lines for each game or a similar number. Click that and it will expand and list all of the bets available for that particular game. It’s broken down by category and the player props are under “Player Points”.

NHL Player Props Betting Strategy:

There are two main strategies to use when betting NHL Player Props: Form and Opponent Consistency.

If betting on form you’re looking for those NHL players who have logged at least 2 points or 2 goals or 2 assists in the last 2 games. You’re looking for that sweet spot where the sportsbooks aren’t changing their odds based on a “streak” yet. It’s not until 3 or 4 in a row where they really take notice. Once you spot players who are doing that, look at their previous form to confirm they can string together 3 in a row at least. Those are always good bets.

Another one is opponent consistency. For whatever reason, players seem to perform well against a certain team. I mean think of Mike Smith when he was at the Coyotes versus the Oilers. A bet I placed a few days prior to writing this article was on Connor McDavid. I’d noticed he had 6 assists in 6 games versus the Bruins, so in the upcoming game against the Bruins I bet him to log an assist. He logged 2 in that one. That sort of opponent consistency surprisingly works out well in the NHL.

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