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Where To Bet NHL Team Totals


The NHL is a great league for betting on totals. It really feels like you are never out of the over/under until the final horn and that makes for a really exciting bet. You can have an under bet that is coming in and then a team pulls the goalie with a minute left and you’ve lost it. Of course, that can go in your favor as well.

One good way to bet on NHL over/unders is by betting on a team total. This works the same way as a typical over/under bet, but only for one team. This can be a great way to just bet on “your team” or bet a game that you think is lopsided. I often use this when I like the over on a game, but I really just like it because of one of the teams.

This article is going to get a bit more into NHL Team Totals. I’ll show you how to bet them, where to bet them, and my strategy for betting them. Check it out below.

Where To Bet NHL Team Totals:

America: Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks for betting on the NHL and they have odds

Canada: Canadians know hockey and Sports Interaction knows betting on hockey. They have a ton of good options for betting on NHL including Team Totals.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a website where you can find many NHL betting odds.

What are NHL Team Totals?

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An NHL Team Total bet is an over/under bet on one team. It doesn’t matter the final score of the game, only what the one team’s final score is.

Here’s what an example might look like for a game between the Leafs and Senators.

Maples Leafs 3.5
Ottawa Senators 2.5

The Leafs are favored here so they have the higher total. If you think they will score four or more, bet the over. If you think they score three or less, bet the under.

Common NHL Team Totals Questions:

What is the most goals scored by one team in an NHL game?

The most goals scored in an NHL game by one team took place in 1920 when the Montreal Canadiens scored 16 goals against the Quebec Bulldogs.

In 1944, the Detroit Red Wings would score 15 goals against the New York Rangers. If you are looking for a more modern team to accomplish this feat, the Minnesota North Stars also scored 15 goals in 1981 against Winnipeg.

The Washington Capitals scoring 13 in 2003 against the Panthers is the highest scoring team total of the past thirty years.

How to Bet NHL Team Totals:

Bovada: The easiest way to find NHL Team Totals here is by heading to the list of games in the “Hockey” section of the sportsbook and clicking on the match-up that you want to bet. All of the props that are available to bet will be listed including the NHL Team Totals.

Sports Interaction: Click on “Hockey” from the left hand menu to display the list of games. Click on where it says “+ bets” to display all the props including NHL Team Totals.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Team Totals are very easy to find here. Just click on “Hockey” from the left-hand menu and find Team Totals from the list of betting options.

NHL Team Totals Betting Strategy:

One stat that I like to look at for this one is SCF%. This stat tracks the percentage of scoring chances in the team’s favor. Basically, how much they have the puck with a chance to score.

When I am looking at betting a team over, I am looking at a game where one team has a high percentage and the other team has a low percentage. The opposite is true for an under.

The other thing I like to look at here is rest. Teams in the NHL can often have brutal travel schedules so I like to try and catch them towards the end of one of these trips when things can go bad as they are fatigued.

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