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Where To Bet NHL Home Team Goals vs Away Team Goals


In this article I’m going to talk about where to bet a fun NHL prop – Home Teams vs Away Teams.

This is a prop bet related to the Grand Salami and it covers a days worth of NHL action. It can be a fun prop bet to play if you want to watch all games and have money riding and relying on them. Why bet on just one team when you can bet on all of the teams? The Home Teams vs. Away Teams Goals is a ton of fun.

It’s not a very common bet and is only available at a few sportsbooks. This article is going to tell you a bit more about the prop as well as how and where to bet it. This is a good prop to keep in your betting holster as it is a lot of fun when you just want to settle in and watch a bunch of NHL games. So, every night for me, basically.

Where To Bet Home Team Goals vs Away Team Goals:

America: The best option is Bovada. A lot of the other sportsbooks that accept Americans will only randomly offer it or not at all. And Bovada also offer handicaps on it. So for example on a night where the Home Teams are favoured, the Home Teams may be -2.5 meaning Home Teams MUST win by at least 3 goals. Of course you can also bet just the Home Teams straight up but this allows you to get the usual close to even odds on the bet.

Canada: The best sportsbook for Canadians for hockey is Sports Interaction and they offer the Home Teams vs Away Goals bet. They also offer up the handicap betting (for those nights where one side is favoured strongly) to allow you to get better odds. They also offer the Grand Salami. Just an all around great betting site for hockey fans and sports fan in general.

United Kingdom: Bet365 Sportsbook is a good option although they will usually either have straight up betting on who will win, OR the handicap. I usually don’t see both options here. In saying that they also offer the Grand Salami which is a betting option where you basically bet on the over/under for the entire NHL.

Everywhere Else: The best option is also BetOnline due to offering the handicap and money line. They have a good selection of NHL bets that they keep constantly updated throughout the week.

What is the Home Teams vs Away Teams NHL Bet?

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The Home Teams vs Away Teams bet is where on one particular night of hockey, you are betting whether the total score of the Home Teams will win or whether the total score of the Away Teams will win.

What you would do is tally up the scores of the home teams vs away teams. So let’s say for example there was a night with 4 games.

Home team is listed first:

Chicago Blackhawks 5-3 Arizona Coyotes
Toronto Maple Leafs 0-2 Minnesota Wild
Vegas Golden Knights 2-1 Montreal Canadiens
Boston Bruins 1-0 Buffalo Sabres

The four home teams scored 5, 2, 0 and 1 which adds up to 8. The four road teams scored 6. So in this instance the final score was Home Teams 8-6 Away Teams. So if you bet the Home Teams, you would have won the bet. If you had bet the away teams, they would win the bet.

Some sportsbooks will also offer point spreads, also known as the puck line, on this. What that means is using the above instance, they may offer the home teams at -1.5. This means you take 1.5 goals away from the home teams goals before settling the bet.

In the above instance the home teams would still win, because 8 – 1.5 = 6.5, and home teams would win 6.5-6.

The result of the games doesn’t matter as long as one side totals more at the end. So, for example, you could have five games on the slate and four home teams lose 1-0, but the other one wins 5-0 – you would win with a score of 5-4.

Common Home Goals vs Away Goals Questions:

What if it is a tie?

Unless the sportsbook specifically states that it is a 3 way bet, meaning you can bet the draw as well(and I haven’t seen that anywhere), then it will be a “push”. In this instance, you will get the money back you wagered and not profit or lose on the bet.

What was the most goals scored in a NHL game?

The highest scoring game in the modern era of the NHL took place on December 11th, 1985 when the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks played a 12-9 game. The Oilers with Wayne Gretzky were a machine back then and The Great One finished with a single-game record seven assists in this one. He had no goals.

The most goals scored in an NHL game by a single team was 16 by the Montreal Canadiens as they defeated the Quebec Bulldogs, 16-3, back in 1920.

Who scored the most goals in a NHL game?

Joe Malone is the record holder for goals in a game with seven goals on January 31st, 1920. Malone is also tied for second place with a six goal game and had two five goal games during his run.

The modern era record is five goals with multiple players tied for that honor. The most recent being Mika Zibanejad for the New York Rangers in 2020.

Mario Lemieux is one of five players tied for the playoff record for goals in game which is also five goals.

How to Bet Home Goals vs Away Goals:

Bovada: Click “Hockey” from top and this should take you to the “NHL” section. There will be a section listed within there – usually after that nights game lines – called “NHL – Grand Salami”. It’s within there with the handicap and the money line. It is NOT under the “NHL Props” section.

Sports Interaction: In the left sidebar under “Hockey”, click on “NHL Props”. There’ll be a bunch of player props listed most likely. Annoyingly it will be buried somewhere within there. They list games by time and they have it at the same time as the early games so it’ll be listed after the first batch of games.

BetOnline: “Hockey” on the left sidebar. Then there’s an NHL section and under the “Props” category look for “Home Goals vs Away Goals”.

NHL Home Goals vs Away Goals Betting Strategy:

What you are really looking for is one specific game to tilt the odds.

If you’re reading this you know hockey no doubt, and you know the variance is high. Favourites can win or lose incredibly easy and so no results are easy to predict. But there’s always a lot of games with the potential for a blowout. Those are the games you want to be on the right side of.

Even though you’re betting on multiple games, you’re ideally betting on just one or two specific games where you feel there will be a dominant victory that will tilt things your way.

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