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Where To Bet NHL Over/Unders (Game Totals)


In this article I’m going to discuss where to bet over/unders in the NHL. The over/under bet in the NHL is one of the most common and popular bets available in the NHL.

In this article I will explain exactly what an over/under bet is, how it works and the best places to bet it and why.

An alternative name for over/under bets in the NHL is game totals – and sportsbooks may list it as that – the ability to bet over or under on the total of any specific game.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet The NHL Over/Under or Game Totals:

Due to country specific regulations, I’m going to break this down by region:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet the over/under is Bovada. As well as offering the traditional over/under bet they also offer alternative totals. So instead of just 5.5 they offer 4.5 and 6.5 etc. Bovada also offer odd/even total goals bets.

Canada: When it comes to hockey, we’ll always recommend Sports Interaction for Canada. They have a good bonus, their lines are the same as most other places and most importantly – they’re exclusively Canadian. This means for any games featuring the Leafs, Senators, Canucks etc you’ll get some crazy odds. Not always to your benefit, but if you want to bet against the Habs for example, you’ll see 2.15 odds here compared to 2.05 at most other books. For that reason, Sports Interaction is best for Canadians.

Everywhere Else: There are two solid options. The first is 888 and the reason they are great is the variables they offer. Unfortunately it’s mostly regulation time as opposed to including overtime and shootout. However they offer a wide variety so you can bet over 8 goals or under 2 goals on any NHL game. Hell even bet over 2 goals at 888 if you want to.

The other option is Bet365 Sportsbook. They’re one of the best sportsbooks for odds alone so Bet365 Sportsbook is a sportsbook everyone should have an account at.

What is an NHL Over/Under Bet?

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An NHL Over/Under bet is when you are betting whether the total goals in the game will be higher or lower than the posted total by the sportsbook.

For example, the sportsbook may list that the game total in the Leafs vs Blackhawks will be 5.5. You then have two betting options – whether it will be under that total or above that total.

So if you bet that the game total will be under that total, you will win the bet if the goals in the game are less than 5.5 goals.

If the Blackhawks won 5-0, the total in the game was 5 goals. It’d be under the 5.5, so you’d win the bet.

If the Leafs win the game 4-1, the total in the game was 5 goals. It’d be under the 5.5, so you’d win that bet.

If the Blackhawks win 2-1, the total in the game was 3 goals. It’d be under the 5.5, so you’d win that bet.

If the Blackhawks win 4-2, the total in the game was 6 goals so it’d be over 5.5 and you’d lose that bet. Even if that 4th goal was an empty netter.

The traditional over/under bet factors in overtime and a shootout. So let’s say the over/under was 6.5 goals, and you bet under 6.5 goals. If the game ends in regulation at 3-3 you’re going to lose the bet.

The reason is because there will be a goal either in overtime or in a shootout so it will go to 7 goals. As a win in the shootout is considered a goal.

Half points are included often to stop the ability of a “push”. A push is when you get your money back. So if the over/under or game total was set at 5 goals, and the Blackhawks won 3-2 then the game total is 5. Regardless of whether you bet over or under, the sportsbook will refund the bet you placed.

That’s why sportsbooks tend to add half points – to stop there being instances of them winning money or you winning money.

Common NHL Over/Under Bet Questions:

What if the Game Total is 6 and the final score is 4-2?

In this instance, the bet is a “push” as the game total equals the line. What this means is that you get the bet you placed back. If you bet $20 to win $25, you’d get $20 back as you get the amount you placed back. No-one wins or loses.

This is based on your game total bet including overtime and a shootout, which is the most common game total option.

Why are some game totals half a goal?

This is to stop there being a “push” where you neither win or lose money. It’s less productive for the sportsbook – especially on lines where they want equal money on both sides and profit from the juice – so they will often add a half goal to prevent that.

In instances where the game total factors in half a goal, there is no chance of a push.

How to Bet NHL Over/Under or Game Totals:

Bovada: In the sportsbook section click on “Hockey” in the left sidebar. This will list all hockey games that day with NHL at the top and the game totals are listed under “Total” to the right. if there is a game listed but no lines that just means the lines aren’t out yet. If you want to filter it to just the NHL click “All Hockey” at the top then click “NHL”.

Sports Interaction: In the left sidebar click on “Hockey” then on “NHL”. All games are listed on there with the totals and you will just click on what total you want to bet on – the over or the under. If you want to see alternative game totals click on the “+17 Bets” or however many bets part and it will list all the bets and game totals available for that game.

888: In the left siderbar under “Popular” click “NHL” or just search for “NHL”. The games are listed there with total goals and you can bet over/under. For each game if you want a different over/under click on the “Main Event” part at the top right and look for “Alternate Over/Under”.

Couple of notes though – first they hide some games and you have to click the times to expand them. Second this only factors in regulation time. For more game totals click on a game then expand the “Match” section and all the total goals are listed there.

NHL Over/Under Betting Strategy:

If looking to bet the under, the best thing to do is look at the goalies. It can be tough to bet under in the NHL as there can be so many goalfests however goalies usually dictate a game. Furthermore look for teams who usually don’t throw caution to the wind. Teams with low scoring 1st periods usually start on the more cautious front, and them combined with solid goalies are good to bet when betting the under in the NHL.

If looking for the over, goalies with a bad GAA are obviously good. However one big factor is home/away splits – there’s a big trend of teams who on the road will be very cautious and other teams who will play much more offensively. Look at those home/away records and bet accordingly.

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