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Where To Bet NHL Money Lines


There are a lot of options when you want to bet an NHL game. You can take the over/under or you can take the puck line, you can bet with or without overtime; but sometimes you just want to pick the winner. The NHL moneyline bet is the one for you.

It’s so hard to know how defenses will shake out, what great shots will hit the post and everything else in hockey. Sometimes it’s just best to pick a side. That’s an NHL moneyline.

This article will get a bit more in depth on NHL moneylines. How to bet them, where to bet them and we’ll share our strategy for picking winners. Let’s jump right into it and get you started on betting these.

Where To Bet NHL Moneylines:

America: Bovada is one of the top sportsbooks online and they have you covered when it comes to NHL. They post moneylines on ever NHL game of the regular season and postseason. They also offer a wide variety of props including NHL Player Props.

Canada: One site that has you covered for everything involving the NHL is Sports Interaction. They have moneylines, puck lines, the NHL Grand Salami and so much more. One of the best places for betting hockey online.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is one of the top places online for NHL moneylines. They cover every game of the NHL season and are always quick to post their lines.

What is an NHL Moneyline?

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An NHL moneyline is a bet on the outcome of a game. It doesn’t matter the final score or how many goals are scored, only who wins the game. You are picking a winner and betting on that winner.

Not all teams are created equal in the NHL so you will see the “moneyline” changed to accomodate this. The Predators might be -150 against the Blackhawks. This means to bet the Predators you’d need to bet $150 to win $100.

That same guy might see the Blackhawks +150, so a $100 bet would win $150. The reason for this is the likelihood of the outcomes based on the talent of the teams involved.

If you use fractional odds, a +150 bet would bet 1.5/1. While a -150 play would be 0.6666/1. Betting $100 at 1.5/1 would pay out $150.

Decimal odds are slightly different. A +150 bet would be 2.5 while a -150 would be 1.67. Betting $100 on a 2.5 bet would pay out $150.

Decimals quote the potential return. Fractions quote the potential profit.

Common NHL Moneyline Questions:

Does overtime and the shootout count towards my moneyline bet?

Unless otherwise noted, the moneyline is for the final result of the game. That means that if your team wins in regulation, you win. If they win in overtime, you win. If they win the shootout, you win.

If the game is tied at the end of overtime and then they lose the shootout, that’s a loss. The only thing that matters here is the end result.

What are Period NHL Moneylines?

A Period NHL Moneyline is a moneyline bet that is placed only on a single period. So that means that the results of that period and only that period matter. If there is a Blackhawks-Stars game and it is 3-0 after the first period, and you bet the Stars moneyline in the second period then it it doesn’t matter if the score is 3-1 after the second period. You win the bet for them going 1-0 during the 2nd period. That period and only that period is what matters.

Does it change the NHL Moneyline when the favorite goes down a goal?

If you are live betting, yes. The line will change quite a bit when the favorite goes down a goal. This is because the favorites are known to win the game 67% after scoring the first goal.

How To Bet NHL Moneylines:

NHL moneylines are one of the easiest bets to place when it comes to hockey. Simply go to your favorite sportsbook and look for the Hockey section, then the NHL section. The list of the day’s games will be right there with all of the moneylines.

NHL Moneyline Betting Strategy:

The important thing when looking at moneylines is not to pay too much. I personally like to set a limit of about -150 when betting moneylines while always being on the lookout for underdogs as they pay much better.

Why? Losses happen and just two -200 losses means you need FOUR wins to get back to even. Considering the best bettors in the world often have a winning percentage of 55 percent, you can see how this is a bad idea to pay too much.

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