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Where To Bet NHL Goalie Saves Prop


I’m not sure why but betting on NHL goalies is always one of my favourite bets to make.

I think just because from a statistical standpoint, it can be fairly simple to look at and break down. You’re not betting on the exact quantity of saves a goalie will make – that would be insane. Instead the sportsbook sets a line on how many saves a goalie will make, and presents an over/under on that line.

It’s much like goals. You know how you can bet on over or under 6.5 goals in a game? It’s a similar deal.

The sportsbook sets a line of 26.5 saves as an example. You then have to bet whether that goalie will have over 26.5 saves or under 26.5 saves. Nice and simple.

It’s one of the only goalie props you can make. The other one is whether or not a goalie will record a shoutout in a game. So let’s cover where to bet NHL Goalie Saves.

Where To Bet NHL Goalie Saves

America: The best place to bet on NHL Goalie Saves is BetOnline. The reason for that is they offer this line with consistency. I’ve found that while other sportsbooks such as Bovada will offer this line, they don’t offer it all the time and that can be frustrating. That’s the nice thing about BetOnline is they offer it every game and every game day.

It’s also very flexible there as you can up the amount of saves if you want. So they may offer Carter Hart at 29 saves for -120. If you think his opponents are going to shoot a lot more on him, you could raise it to at least 35 shots for +295 odds. Some very nice lfexibility.

Everywhere Else: First of all everyone can bet at BetOnline so if you want that flexibility then that is a good thing. However the best option for everyone else is Bet365 Sportsbook. Along with offering the ability to bet if a goalie will record a shutout, you can also bet on the over/under goalie saves they are going to make. So with Bet365 Sportsbook you can bet the under if you want.

What are NHL Goalie Save Bets?

These are the NHL Goalie Save bets available and how they work.

Over/Under: In this one, the sportsbook sets a number and you have to decide if they will make over that amount of saves or under it. For example, Carter Hart has his line set at 26.5 saves for the game. If he makes 27 or more saves, then the “over” bet wins as it is more than 26.5. If he makes 26 or less saves, then the “under” bet wins.

They do the .5 so that there is no chance of a tie and you will either win or lose.

At Least X Saves: In this one you’re betting the amount of saves the goalie will make at least. It’s not too different from betting the “Over” in the over/under bet execpt it has more flexibility in terms of being able to move the betting line, and then getting better odds.

Will a Goalie Record a Shutout? Pretty simple – a yes or no question on whether the goalie will record a shutout.

Common NHL Goalie Save Betting Questions:

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Can I REALLY bet that a Goalie will NOT record a shutout?:

Yes you can. But don’t get too excited. The odds honestly don’t make it worth it I’d say. They are odds like 1.03 meaning you have to risk $100 just to win $3. Of course it’s up to you but man that is one risky proposition.

How to Bet NHL Goalie Saves Prop Bet

BetOnline: Within their NHL section, choose the game you wish to bet this one at and click to expand it. It will then list the props within there and it is under “Saves (At Least)”. Click that and you will be presented with a drop down where you can choose the saves amount and see the odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: It’s located under “Score” after clicking on a game. Like if you click on Penguins vs Flyers to expand all the odds available, you then click the “Score” tab and all the props are available there including the goalie saves over/under and the shutout bet.

NHL Goalie Save Prop Bets Betting Strategy:

This one can be quite easy as you have lots of historical data to look at.

Spend some time going through data for a particular goalie. Pick one goalie and go with that. Look through his quantity of saves in games over the course of an entire season.

Figure out the reasoning for it. In the 2019-2020 season for example, Carey Price made 17 saves against Minnesota on October 17th but 30 saves against the Ottawa Senators on February 22nd. Why? What was the difference? What impacts that?

It’s fairly simple – figure out why a team will allow more shots against. What factors there are. Then you can bet accordingly based on that. You’re not going to figure it out too much based on actual saves but the shots against stat is what you want to figure out. Look into advanced metrics and see how those impact that too.

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