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Where To Bet NHL Team to Score First


NHL games can often feel like a war. One goal can change everything and teams will change their entire strategy based on whether they are up or down in a game. Scoring first is huge for winning in hockey and it’s also huge for betting on hockey.

Betting on the NHL team to score first in a game is one of the more popular bets. For one, it’s typically settled pretty quickly if bettors don’t want to watch a whole game. Secondly, it’s really exciting as every possession matters early in the game.

This article I am going to tell you all that I know about NHL First Goal/NHL Team to Score First bets.

Where To Bet NHL Team To Score First:

America: There are tons of props on every game at Bovada including the NHL Team To Score First.

Canada: Canadians love hockey and they love Sports Interaction. These is one of the best sportsbooks in the game right now and they have a ton of options on NHL props.

Everywhere Else: Check out 888 if you want to bet on the “First Goal” in every NHL game of the night.

You can also place additional scoring related bets there during the game. All three of the sportsbooks listed above should offer this actually. Where you get to place a bet on what team will score next.

So if you are looking for live betting based on who scores next you can do that. Or you can wait and live bet who will score first a little bit into the game.

What is NHL Team To Score First betting?

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The NHL Team To Score First is one of the simplest bets in the world to explain. The game starts 0-0. You pick one of the two teams that are playing. The team that scores a goal first, wins the bet.

However, on the rare chance there is no scoring then the standard rule is “No Goal, No Bet”.

Common NHL Team To Score First Questions:

How often does the team that scores first win?

This is a stat that has a lot of variance in it and can change from year to year, but over time the law of average wins out and trends emerge.

Teams that score first, win 67% of the time.

That first goal can set the tone and is often the most important goal of the game.

Is there any consistency in the NHL Team to Score First bet?

Yes there is and there is a lot to look at and factor in. Home/away is actually a big factor for example. Also whether a team is on a back to back can be a factor. General drive, goalies in nets. There is a lot to look at.

What is the best strategy when betting NHL Team to Score First?

Create a list of variables and look for games where they all check off. Also look at it from the other end as most people make this mistake – look for teams who concede a goal first. I see so many people bet and tip a team to score first not factoring in the opposition and their stats.

In NHL is it first team to score in overtime?

This question isn’t anything to do with this bet but hey I am happy to answer!

During the regular season, the game will go to overtime. 3 vs 3 overtime unless there is a penalty. The teams get 5 minutes. If a team scores during that 5 minute period, then the game is over and they are the winners.

However if after 5 minutes no goal is scored then they go to a shootout.

It is different in the playoffs where they play a full 5 vs 5 overtime. The overtime period is 20 minutes. It is first team to score. If neither team scores during that period, then they will play another overtime period. And so on and so forth.

How to Bet NHL Team To Score First:

Bovada: Click “Hockey” at the top of the page and find the NHL game you are looking for. When you click that game, all of the possible bets are displayed and the NHL Team To Score First is typically displayed under “Game Props”.

Sports Interaction: Find the game you want from the list by clicking “NHL games” on the left sidebar. After going to the game you want and clicking it, scroll down for “First Team To Score” odds.

888: Search “NHL” and find the game you are looking for. Click the game to expand the betting options and under “Match – Regular Time”, look for “First Goal” odds.

NHL Team To Score First Betting Strategy:

The favorite in this bet will always be the favorite in the game because the team that scores first tends to win more often.

I like to look for strong offenses on the road. A lot of times a team will come out strong if they are on the road to set the tone early.

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