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Welcome to Where To Bet.

My name is Graeme, I’ve been betting sports online and offline since 1996, and I’m here to guide you into betting online.

The purpose of Where To Bet is simple – to teach you where to bet online. I’ll cover the more ambiguous questions like “Where do I bet hockey online?” to the more specific ones such as “Where do I bet the NBA Race to 20 Points online?”.

In every article I’ll answer the question of where to bet whatever you are looking for, and I’ll go into a lot more detail for you.

Here is a list of the most recent 5 articles added to the site:

I’ll tell you where to bet something and also tell you WHY you should bet at that particular sportsbook. There are plenty of reasons to sign up at different sportsbooks – be it trust, bonus or betting options, and I’ll outline what sportsbook is best to sign up at for what you want to bet.

All opinions of a sportsbook are my own and of course sportsbooks are subject to change what they offer in terms of bets. I check on a regular basis to make sure it’s all listed but if you can’t find a bet at a sportsbook a list, e-mail me (e-mail address in the footer) so I can get that updated.

I’ll also offer a little betting strategy for whatever it is that you want to bet. I won’t get too in-depth but I’ll cover the basics to help you along.

I’ll also explain each bet to you and go in-depth about it. Here are links to the most popular posts over the last 24 hours:

I am well versed in betting as a whole, and cover a wide variety of topics not just the main sports. As it is I personally believe the niche sports are the best to bet on such as esports betting and pro wrestling betting. Of course I cover the likes of baseball and football and soccer betting as well, but I like to cover everything.

I go behind explaining where to bet a particular sport too – I cover special events and also all the various different types of bets. I cover where to bet player props for example or where to bet nfl futures. Or maybe you are an MMA fan and looking to bet that? Then I cover all the smaller leagues as well as UFC, such as where to bet Cage Warriors.

I also make sure all my “Where To Bet Sports Online” articles are current. Things change. New sportsbooks sometimes pop up and start offering betting out of nowhere or start becoming a contender. One example would be BetOnline who in 2019 became a top sportsbook again.

Out of nowhere they started offering wrestling odds and a wide variety of other betting odds that they didn’t before. Even better – they started offering the BEST betting odds for a lot of sports. So I went through all my articles, checked the data, and where relevant linked to them instead.

If there are any sports you are looking to bet online and are not sure where, be sure to let me know. Happy to tell you the best sportsbooks to bet online.

Thanks for visiting Hopefully I can help answer your questions. I’m adding content to this site on a weekly basis with two articles per week usually. If you’re looking to bet something online and aren’t sure where to bet, just hit me up by e-mailing and I’ll help point you in the right direction.


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