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Where To Bet the Danish Metal Ligaen Online


Denmark has its own hockey league, currently known as the Metal Ligaen. It was founded in 1954, and currently featured 11 teams.

It’s a league which has changed its name numerous times due to sponsorshop. Currently it’s sponsored by Dansk Metal so is known as the Metal Laigaen. Prior to that, it was the Al-Bank Ligaen.

Historically, it’s known as either the Superisligaen or the Eliteserian.

When you go to bet online, it will be found under various names. Most add in “Danish” or “Denmark” to help make it stand out. For this article as I talk about where to bet it, I’ll refer to it as the Danish Metal Ligaen.

Quality wise the Danish League is highly regarded however it should be noted there is a lot of foreign players in it. Younger players in the league are generally semi-professional.

Where To Bet the Danish Metal Ligaen Online:

America: One good option is Bovada as they offer a good variety of betting options. They do offer moneylines and point spreads although some games will be a pickem.

Everywhere Else: I personally use Bet365 Sportsbook for any betting relating to the Danish Hockey League.

If you’re looking to bet the Metal Ligaen online, they have a lot of options such as the money line, point spread, game totals, time of 1st score and many more.

How to Bet the Danish Metal Ligaen Online:

Bovada: Click “Hockey” on the left sidebar and this lists all hockey bets. You can use the top bar “All Hockey” and filter it and choose “Denmark” and this brings up all Danish games.

Bovada: When you’re registered, find “Hockey” from the top menu. There will be pulldown menu in that section to sort by leagues where you can find “Denmark” or
Metal Ligaen”. Navigate to that area to see all the Denmark lines.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on “Hockey” in the left sidebar and this brings up the hockey bets available to you filtered by league. You’ll most likely have to scroll down and you’ll find the “Danish Metal Ligaen” section.

They are also a great sportsbook for covering all European hockey leagues with very good odds. So they end up being my default sportsbook most of the time for non-NHL action simply due to fair odds and the variety of things you can bet on. Oh and of course their live streaming and tracking options.

What Danish Metal Ligaen Bets/Props Are There?

It’s interesting as all the sportsbooks are different in what they offer.

When I’ve bet at Bet365 Sportsbook I’ve been able to bet a wide variety so if you have access to them, that’s great.

Along with standard bets as to who will win and game totals there are numerous game prop bets such as “Race to 3 Goals”, “Team to Score First”, “Team to Score Last” and if the game goes to a shootout or not.

Best thing to do is to look around at the sportsbooks depending on what you wish to bet, and go with the sportsbook that offers up what you want. The ability to bet match handicaps is an option at the sportsbooks too.

Common Danish Metal Ligaen Questions:

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What’s the foreign player rule in the Metal Ligaen?

For awhile there was a rule to keep it local and limit the foreign players. That would help it grow as a sport in Denmark of course. However in 2016 that rule was deemed to be against the EU law so it was removed and from now onwards teams can sign as many foreign players as they want.

What is the Metal Cup?

First of all – it’s the coolest name for a cup that I can think of. Much better than the Stanley Cup.

All teams from the Metal Ligaen participate in the Metal Cup and then two teams from the 1.division also make it up. The top 4 teams from the prior season go into the quarter finals. The remaining 8 go into 4 groups with 4 teams advancing to the quarter finals.

Then they have a seeding setup for these games. Quarter final games and semi finals are two games with an accumulated score.

This format can change though. It was changed in 2017 with Hvidovre Fighters entering the league and so now features just teams from the Metal Ligaen with the top 4 teams in the Metal Ligaen, after 20 games, all going into a special final four tournament.

Where To Watch Danish Metal Ligaen Online:

Unfortunately we are unaware of any official places online to watch Danish Metal Ligaen.

Danish Metal Ligaen Betting Strategy:

Research, research, research.

The Danish Metal Ligaen is one of those things where the lines aren’t as sharp due to the lack of interest in it worldwide. This means if you do your research, you can actually come out ahead. It might sound a bit vague but I’ve found it really works out.

Oh and bet against the Herlev Eagles and you’ll usually come out ahead ha. They’re having some real struggles as of the writing of this article.

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