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Where to Bet NBA 2K Online

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Here we’ll take a look at betting on the popular eSport NBA 2K League, based upon the popular video-game franchise NBA 2K.

If you’re looking for the NBA 2K Video Game simulations that sportsbooks are currently offering, please see this page for more details on where to bet those.

So the NBA has been running for quite some time now, with the National Basketball Association being an American institution, ever since its initial inception in 1946. Coming from this rich history is its newest eSports franchise NBA 2K, which was first started in 2017 as a joint venture between the NBA and the games’ publishers; Take-Two Interactive.

Now an annual event, the NBA 2K League has fast become one of the most popular eSports to date, as it brings together players from all across the world to compete for the lead title. Typically comprised of two teams of five facing off against one another, the players compete using the latest iteration of the NBA 2K video-game, a franchise which itself has been running since 1999. This has made way for plenty of betting opportunities, as we’ll now look at in further detail.

Where To Bet NBA 2K Online:

America: Being a predominantly American sport and franchise, those in North America are going to be well represented when it comes to NBA 2K. For this you’ll find that Bovada is your best option when it comes to making a bet, as it definitely has the widest selection available.

Everywhere Else: With players from all over the world, NBA 2K definitely has a global reach far beyond North America, and the site that best exemplifies this is Bet365 Sportsbook. Giving you the most options for your money, it largely focuses on the general match outcomes, such as ‘to win outright’ and teams ‘to reach the final’.

Where To Make Specific NBA 2K Bets:

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NBA 2K League: If you’re looking for the best place to bet NBA 2K League, I go into detail on that very topic in this article. I talk about the best sportsbooks to bet it at based on odds, props and more.

NBA 2K Match Winner 2 Way: One of the bets you can make on NBA 2K League and the most common one is the match winner 2-way bet. I go into detail on it here.

How To Bet NBA 2K Online:

Bovada: The ‘Sports’ section from the main page is what you’ll want, followed by the ‘E-Sports’ option down the left hand side. This will then provide a roll-down menu titled ‘All E-Sports’ at the top of the page, from which you will want to select ‘Other E-Sports’. You should now be able to find the NBA 2K League options further down the middle of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Clicking ‘Esports’ on the left-hand side, you’ll then have all the eSports themselves rolling down the page, with ‘NBA 2K League’ further down near the bottom, as you can tick the boxes of the bets you want.

What NBA 2K Bets/Props Are There?

Whilst you may be lucky enough to find some smaller props, these are usually few and far between, mainly focusing on the sort you’d typically find in traditional NBA betting. Mostly, though, you’ll find bets concerning overall match results, such as ‘to win outright’, which will require you to choose a team to win the league, along with ‘to reach the final’, meaning you have to pick a team that you think will reach the league’s final stages. With these you should be able to vary the two and manage a very reasonable set of stakes.

Common NBA2K Betting Questions:

How similar to basketball itself is this as a sport?

One thing you’re probably wondering is whether or not you’ll need to know much about traditional basketball in order to fully invest yourself in this as an eSport. Well firstly you really don’t need to be a huge aficionado of the sport, as it’s all pretty self explanatory. Whilst it may be useful to have a rudimentary understanding of the basics, you can pretty much pick up everything you need from simply watching, and playing, the video-game.

Where To Watch NBA2K Online:

The main outlet for the NBA 2K League is the Twitch streaming service, which the NBA themselves work in conjunction with, although you can find some replays and highlights on their site,

What is the Difference between NBA 2K eSports and NBA 2K Simulations?

The difference is that NBA 2K eSports are actually played by real people who compete for large cash prizes. They are controlling the teams and playing against each other. There are leagues and large competitions globally.

NBA 2K Video Game Simulations is something that just became popular during COVID-19, and the suspension of the NBA season due to the pandemic and lockdown.

For the video game simulations, the sportsbooks would simply run NBA 2K with a few set rules on a Playstation 4. They would then stream all of it on Twitch. You would bet on it as if it was a normal basketball game basically. No-one plays. The artificial intelligence of the game is what controls it.

How do I Join NBA 2K League?

To join, players have to win a select number of games in the Pro-am mode to prove their skill level. It’s usually at least 50% of games that they must win and then they must submit an application form. Only certain people are invited for the draft. It’s available to anyone who owns NBA 2K and of course has a video game console to play them.

NBA2K Betting Strategy:

As mentioned earlier, it’s useful to have a basic level of basketball understanding when it comes to making a bet, but this isn’t essential. A clear inside out knowledge of the players and teams themselves would be far more beneficial, as this is what really counts when it comes to the final results. Watch how they interact with one another, really getting a feel for how they handle the game.

Following this, betting on teams to reach the finals will potentially find you far more interesting stakes, which you can then compliment with the larger bet/s of who will win overall.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.