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Where To Bet NFL Player Longest Reception


I love a deep throw and it is always strange to me why teams don’t do it more often. It’s so fun and it can change the game in an instant. A long passing play is the lifeblood of football and I want more of it.

For now, I will settle on betting on the deep passes that we do get. The NFL player longest reception is a fun little bit and one that I’ve had some fun throwing a few bucks on even when it’s a game I am not all that interested in.

If you want to know how I do it and how you can do it too, keep on reading this article right here.

Where To Bet NFL Player Longest Reception:

America: BetOnline is the best online sportsbook for NFL player props. They offer a ton of receiving props including receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook with many betting options is Bet365 Sportsbook. If you visit their website, you will be able to find the player longest reception prop and much more.

What is a NFL Player Longest Reception bet?

The sportsbooks will set an over/under line on most of the key receivers for a game and then post them on their website. You can pick your players and whether you think they will go over or under that amount of yards for their longest reception.

For example, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game might look like this:

Antonio Brown: 19.5 yards
Mike Evans: 24.5 yards
Chris Godwin : 24.5 yards
Leonard Fournette: 12.5 yards

You are only looking for one play here so if Brown finishes with two catches and 20 yards, that’s a loss. If he has one catch for 20 yards, that’s a win.

Common NFL Player Longest Reception Questions:

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What is the longest reception in NFL history?

The longest possible pass in the NFL would be a pass that takes place from the 1-yard line and leads to a touchdown. Despite the thousands and thousands of games this has only happened thirteen times in NFL history.

The first time was in 1939 when Andy Farkas of the Washington Redskins caught a pass from Frank Filchock to score. The other twelve players to have caught a pass this long are: Bobby Mitchell, Pat Studstill, Jerry Allen, Cliff Branch, Mike Quick, Tony Martin, Robert Brooks, Marc Boerigter, André Davis, Bernard Berrian, Wes Welker, and Victor Cruz.

From a betting tips perspective, is there any consistency in regard to this bet?

Yes when you have a QB/WR duo playing week in, week out you will consistently see similar reception stats due to the playbook. In saying that you can’t just look at those stats. One additional factor would be if a player was used heavy the previous game. Often they may not be used as much the next game. Or they may be up against a better player, or are double teamed etc.

If you look at Scott Miller in the 2020 season for the Bucks for example – he would average out to about 15-20 per game. His longest would of course differ and sometimes it would be due to the game script. He’d go from 1 reception in one game to 6 the next etc. But you can get a good baseline of a players stats and then go from there.

How to Bet NFL Player Longest Reception:

Bet365 Sportsbook: From the main sportsbook section, find NFL on the left hand side and click that. This will bring up a list of possible bets. The “Player Longest Reception” will be listed under Player Props.

NFL Player Longest Reception Betting Strategy:

This one is all about the players who are known for going deep. Every team has a speedster who has one job, go long, and that is who you want to target on this one.

The beauty of this bet is that it doesn’t take much. All it takes is one big play and that’s why we are targeting big play receivers.

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