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Where To Bet the NFL Alternative Point Spread


The point spreads in NFL games are set by a complex set of data that is weighted with the general idea to draw the most interest possible to both sides of the bet. It’s really amazing how they do it and how often the result itself is close to the total.

What if you just don’t agree with it though? What if the Patriots are playing the Jets and you think -10 isn’t enough? You think this game should be -20? Enter Alternative Point Spreads and if you are right about your hunch, this can pay very well for you.

This article will be all about NFL Alternative Point Spreads. How they work, how to find them and where to bet them. These can be a valuable tool in your betting toolbox so learning where to do them is key.

Where To Bet NFL Alternative Point Spreads:

America: One of the best places for betting football is Bovada and they have you covered with alternative point spreads.

Canada: You can typically find alternative spreads at Sports Interaction, the top sportsbook for Canadians.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook lists these right under their “American Football” section under NFL.

What are NFL Alternative Point Spreads?

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A typical point spread on an NFL game will be set with a -110 moneyline to it. This is because it’s designed to get equal action on both sides so a person betting Seattle -7 bets $110 to win $100 and the person betting Atlanta +7 bets $110 to win $100 with that extra going to the sportsbook.

An alternative spread doesn’t work like this though. An alternative spread might see that same game with the Seahawks at -14 (+300) meaning that you get paid $300 on a $100 bet. You could also see the same thing on the other side with the Falcons getting 14 points at -350.

There are a number of different variations of these with that just being one example. You could see Atlanta +7, +14 or even -7 with each one having unique odds attached that pay (or cost) more than a typical bet would.

Common NFL Alternative Point Spread Questions:

What is a time that an alternative spread did really well?

I’ll spreak from personal experience here and take you back to Super Bowl 48 when the Seahawks played the Broncos. I really believed in the Seahawks in this one and took an alternative line of -14.5 at +650.

The final score of that game? 48-3, Seahawks. That was the highest offered and I wish there had been a -20 line that I could’ve bet on as well.

How To Bet NFL Alternative Spreads:

American Football games are always easy to find on a sportsbook. At Sports Interaction and Bet365 Sportsbook, it will be linked right on the left sidehbar.

At Sports Interaction just click the “+” with a number by it to see the game props and scroll down until you see “Alternate Spread”. While at Bet365 Sportsbook it is listed right on the main NFL page under “Main Props”.

For Bovada just click the “Football” button up top, find the NFL game you are looking for and click the “>” with a number by it.

NFL Alternative Spread Betting Strategy:

With this type of bet I am looking to do one of two things: buy down a number that I think is too big or go big on a game that I think will be a blowout.

In the first scenario, I am looking for the football prime numbers that are 3, 7 and 10. These are common scores and ones that can really screw you in point spreads. I’m looking to take a -3.5 and buy it down to -2.5.

The second one is the much more fun one and that is simply match-up based. Give me a team with a great offense or defense and another team that is having struggles or suffering through injuries. I’ll go big if the price is right.

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