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Where To Bet NFL Player Receiving Yards


The wide receivers in the NFL are better than ever right now. They have speed and size like we’ve never seen before and the league is really a better place for it. Great athletes combined with some smart offenses and talented quarterbacks makes for some outstanding receiver play.

With all the great receivers comes some great stats and you can now bet on player receiving yards. The bets can be a lot of fun as the way that receivers play these days, you can sometimes win your bet on a single play.

This is a bet that I like to throw a few bucks on for every game just to add a little excitement to the games on Sunday.

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Where To Bet NFL Player Receiving Yards:

America: BetOnline is a sportsbook with a lot of good props to bet on for NFL games including player receiving yards.

Everywhere Else: One sportsbook that offers NFL player receiving yards props is Bet365 Sportsbook.

What is NFL Player Receiving Yards? (The Bet)

There are a few different ways to bet on player receiving yards for an NFL game that I will cover here.

Over/Under: This is the most common and is a prop where there is a number of yards receiving set for a player that you have to go over or under on.

Here’s an example:

Rob Gronkowski 30.5 yards

In this scenario, you could bet that Gronk goes over meaning 31+ yards receiving. Or under, meaning that he finishes with 30 or less.

At Least: This is a similar bet in that there is a number that your player must reach. If they reach that number or go over, you win the bet. The fun thing about this one is that you can add yards to the total to make it potentially more profitable.

Rob Gronkowski
22 yards (-417)
32 yards (-114)
42 yards (+108)
52 yards (+157)
102 yards (+500)

The more yards that you add, the higher the payout. So if you bet the 102 yard line for $100 and he reached it, the profit would be +500.

Most Receiving Yards: A list of players in the game with their odds based on most likely to least likely to lead the game in receiving yards.

So a game between the Chiefs and Buccaneers might look like this:

Tyreek Hill +110
Travis Kelce +110
Chris Godwin +420
Mike Evans +600

The player you bet needs to finish the game with the most receiving yards of the players listed in order to win. So if you put $100 on Mike Evans and he finished with the most receiving yards of the players listed here, you’d win $600.

Common NFL Player Receiving Yards Questions:

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Who holds the NFL’s single-game record for most receiving yards?

The all-time leader for receiving yards in a single game is Flipper Anderson who had 336 yards in 1989 against the Saints.

The next best receiving game came in 2013 when Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions had 329 yards.

How to Bet NFL Player Receiving Yards:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Football is listed on the lefthand side, click that. Then you will see a list of all the props and scroll to the “Player Props” section where you will see a link for player receiving yards.

BetOnline: Pull up the list of NFL games and click the red plus sign at the far right of the odds list. This will take you to the player props where you can find receiving yards over/under and receiving yards at least.

NFL Player Receiving Yards Betting Strategy:

I have the same rule for this bet as the Chippendales have for their dancers: studs only.

This is not a bet where you want to try and get cute with a tight end or a third string receiver. This is a bet where you want to find the best value on the best receiver and run with it.

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