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Where To Bet NFL Team Totals


The math surrounding an over/under can be tricky. You obviously have the favorite and points they are laying, but then you also have this over/under. Does a -7 Patriots team with a total of 44.5 mean they are going to win 28-17? Or do the numbers have little in commmon? There is an “implied” point total based on that, but that might not be the result of the game. Sometimes there is one team that you believe in and the point spread, total and everything else don’t really cover what you think will happen. Enter NFL Team Totals.

Betting on the over/under of a single NFL team can be quite fun, especially when you are rooting for them to win that game. You might love the Patriots offense and think they are going to beat the Dolphins badly, but you might not think that the Dolphins can hold up their end of the bargain for the over. Enter team totals. You might think the Dolphins aren’t going to score a single point against that vaunted Patriots defense, the Dolphins under looks great. These are great bets to make and can be very profitable if you play your cards right.

These bets are the backbone of this article as we are going to tell you all you need to know about betting NFL Team Totals. Let’s get right to it.

Where To Bet NFL Team Totals:

America: Bovada

Canada: One of the best sites for betting NFL during the regular season is Sports Interaction. If the other countries knew what Canadians had here, they’d be jealous.

Everywhere Else: 888 offers tons of NFL betting options including individual team totals.

What are NFL Team Totals?

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Simply, this is an over/under on a single team’s points scored for a particular game. Let’s say the Patriots are -7 with a total of 44.5 on the game. For this particular game you might be able to find a Patriots Team Total of 27.5. What this means is that you are then betting whether you think the Pats will score over 27.5 points (28 or more) or under 27.5 (27 or less). The total will change based on game to game, but each game will set a number on each individual team’s over/under.

Some books even offer NFL Team Totals on individual halves and quarters as well.

Common NFL Team Totals Questions:

Do Team Totals for the second half include overtime?

Yes. While not technically “half” of the game, the second half bets you make – whether they be totals or point spreads – are from the start of the second half until the game is completed.

How To Bet NFL Team Totals:

Bovada: There are two ways to go about this. First, you can find the “NFL” section and then click the submenu up top to go to “Alternate Lines” and the team totals will be listed there. The second way is to simply find the game you are interested in and click the “+” sign with a number beside it. That will take you to the multiple additional bets you can make on this game.

Sports Interaction: Right from the homepage click on “Football” and then “NFL”. This will display a list of the games and all you have to do from there is find the “+” sign with the number beside it for all of that game’s props.

888: From the “Sports A-Z” menu select “American Football” and all of the games will be displayed there. Find the “+” sign with a number by it and click that. The team totals should be listed under “Match” with a Home and Away Team total listed.

NFL Team Totals Betting Strategy:

Beware of the extreme numbers. What do I mean by that? The higher the individual team total, the more likely it is to go over. The lower the individual team total, the more likely it is to go under.

While the Packers might be -20 point favorites agains the Bears with a total of 55, that doesn’t mean the score is going to be 41-14 or something like that. It is hard to score 40+ points in a game and scoring under 14 points is pretty hard to do as well, especially in a blowout type game. You should obviously do all of your research, but this is a good rule of thumb when making your picks.

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