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Where To Bet NFL Game Props


We hear about it every year during the Super Bowl, the sheer amount of game props that you can bet on during the biggest game of the year. Everything from margin of victory to first team to score to how many yards will a player pass for/run for/has receiving yards for. What I don’t think a lot of people know is that you can bet these on every game of the entire season. Sure, you can’t bet on “How long will the National Anthem be sung” by Katy Perry or whoever, but most of these bets are available with each and every game. That’s what makes NFL Game Props so beautiful.

These types of bets are a lot of fun and there is a lot of them. We’ll go through some of the options in this article and tell you what the most popular ones are.

We’re also going to cover how you bet them, just where to find them as well as our strategy for betting on them. Are you ready for some football? That’s what I thought, let’s go.

Where To Bet NFL Game Props:

America: One of the largest selections of game props on NFL games is at Bovada.

Canada: For a country without a team in the NFL, the gang at Sports Interaction really have you covered with tons of options on NFL game props.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a place where you can find NFL game props.

What are NFL Game Props?

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Game props (or propositions) are things that mgiht happen in a game that you can bet on. They go beyond the final score, the total and the point spread into a more results based level of betting. It’s probably easier to understand if I share with you some of the most popular options.

First team to score 10 points

Team to score first

Longest Field Goal

Longest Touchdown Play

Margin of Victory: This is different than a point spread in that you are betting on a range of numbers with much higher odds in your favor, although much slimmer chance of getting it just right. Think Lions by 1-6 points (+375, Lions by 7-12 points (+900) and so on. Hard to nail, very profitable if you do.

Highest scoring quarter

Receiving Props: An over/under total on an individual receiver’s receiving yards for the game. Also available for touchdowns.

Running Back Props: An over/under total on a running back’s rushing yards. Also available for touchdowns.

Quarterback Props: An over/under total on a QB’s passing yards. Also available for the amount of TD passes thrown and interceptions thrown.

There is more as well (method of first score, Will there be a safety?), but these are the most popular and the ones that take some luck out of the equation.

Common NFL Game Props Questions:

What is the highest scoring NFL quarter?

Typically the second quarter is the highest scoring quarter in NFL games. There are a couple of reasons here. For one, both team have sort of felt each other out and find something to exploit in the second quarter. Another one might simply be the clock, you have the ball on the third yard line as the first quarter expires and then find yourself in scoring position seconds into the second quarter. Leaving almost a full quarter for more scoring.

The odds on the second quarter are usually the lowest when betting it. The second highest scoring quarter over time has been the fourth quarter. To me, this is the bet to make especially in games where the spread is close and the teams evenly matched. They started trading punches in the fourth and you can see some big scores.

How To Bet NFL Game Props:

For Bovada and Sports Interaction simply go to the “Football” and “NFL” sections and find the game you are thinking of betting a game prop on. From there find the “+” sign with the number beside it and this will display all of the props avaialable for this game.

At Bet365 Sportsbook, the props are really easy t find. Just click “American Football” on the left side of the page and all of the different prop options will be listed below the “NFL” tab.

NFL Game Props Betting Strategy:

It’s all about the quarterbacks when it comes to betting game props for me. Simply take a look at the highest lines of the day and look at the quarterbacks in question. Study the offenses and defenses of both teams. What I’m typically looking for is a pass heavy team with a high total. The number on the over touchdowns for that QB might be high, but I think it’s worth it in this situation. It seems like QBs are having four and five touchdown games more than ever before, so why not take advantage?

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