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Where To Bet NFL Conference Championship Futures?


The NFL season is always a rollercoaster and picking what teams you think will go to the Super Bowl can change from week to week. We all have our favorites and biases, but picking who is going to win the Super Bowl is really hard. Somewhat less hard is picking the Conference Champions.

The good news is you can bet on it. Picking an NFL Conference Champion is a great thing to bet on, especially when you have a team like the New England Patriots who is in there on one side seemingly every year.

This article will go in-depth on NFL Conference Championship Futures. We’ll cover how to bet them, where to bet them, and our strategy for betting them. Let’s take a look.

Where To Bet NFC Conference Championship Futures:

America: One of the top sportsbooks for betting NFL Conference Championship futures is Bovada. They always offer a ton of NFL bets during and before the season. They offer a ton on every game during the season including one of the biggest selections of props for each game. They also do a ton of Futures which are updated throughout the season.

Canada: Sports Interaction is one of the best sportsbooks online and they have you covered when it comes to NFL Conference Championship Futures, Super Bowl bets and much more. When it comes to betting week-to-week, they offer one of the best selections of any site open to Canadians. There are futures posted and updated throughout the year.

Everywhere Else: One of the best place to bet on NFL futures is 888. They offer nice odds on the Conference Champions and the Super Bowl winner throughout the season, as well as plenty of game props, futures, and game lines throughout the season and playoffs. One of the top sites for betting on the NFL, this is a great place to bet NFL Conference Championship futures.

What are NFL Conference Championship Futures?

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An NFL Conference Championship Future bet is a bet on what team will represent their conference in the Super Bowl. This has nothing to do with regular season record (although you do need to make the playoffs, obviously) and is just about who represents their conference in the Super Bowl.

The odds on this typically go up before the season and stay up with adjustments throughout the year. You might see a team open as a big favorite to represent their conference, but if they start slow their odds will go down.

You can often get the best odds on favorites earlier in the season when things are still wide open. While as we get into the playoffs, the top seeds in the Conference see their odds get worse and worse. You can still pick an upset, but the odds won’t be as good as they are earlier in the year.

Sometimes the odds flutctuate while other times they stay static. A great example of this would be the 2020 Super Bowl teams.

The eventual AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs opened the season at +450 to win the AFC which was the best in the conference. By the time of the playoffs, they were +180 and remained either the first or second favorited team in the AFC all season.

While the eventual NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers opened the season at +1250 to win the NFC. A hot start helped them a lot, but it wasn’t until November that they became the favorite in the NFC at +313.

Common NFL Conference Championship Futures Questions:

What was the biggest upset in the NFC Championship game?

This one is probably subjective, but for my money the biggest upset in the NFC Championship game came in 1998 when the Atlanta Falcons shocked the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota was the best team in the league that year with a 15-1 record and came into this game as -11 favorites.

This game is infamous to Minnesota fans as they had the lead at the half, but allowed the Falcons to come back and tie it. They got into good field position late in the game and Gary Anderson missed his first field goal of the season that would’ve won the game. This one went to overtime and the Falcons won it on a field goal by Morten Anderson that did not miss. A true heart breaker.

How To Bet NFL Futures:

Bovada: Click “Football” right on the top. When you see the drop down menu, check out “Futures” and go from there.

Sports Interaction: Right on the left side of the page, click “Football” and you will see a link to “NFL Futures” right there.

888: Find “American Football” from the A-Z Menu and click “Outrights”. All of the available futures will be there.

NFL Conference Championship Futures Betting Strategy:

Between 2002-2016, 53% of top seeded teams made it to the Super Bowl while 18% of #2 seeds made the Super Bowl. That’s a combined 71% of teams that had the bye winning the Conference Championship. Do your research, do your best to figure out who is going to get that top seed and pick your favorite. I prefer going best QB/best defense, but whatever works for you is the best way to go. The odds are, one of the Conferences will be won by a top-2 seed.

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