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Where To Bet NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards


We really are living in the golden age of passing. When I was a kid growing up I always wondered why teams didn’t just pass more. Passing was fun! Touchdowns were fun! Wide receivers were always the coolest players on the team! The strategy at the time was very run heavy and, while that is still a very important part of the game, teams are more willing to let it fly now more than ever.

This has lead to some truly great wide receivers entering the league and a lot of all-time great seasons. Four of the top ten receiving yards seasons of all-time come from active players. This makes betting on the NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards a ton of fun. Players are putting up huge numbers every year and the competition is always exciting. These bets always pay very well because the competition is so high that there is no clear favorite.

If you’re interested in betting on the NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards, keep on reading.

Where To Bet NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards:

America: BetOnline

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook

What is NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards betting?

There are a few different ways that sportsbooks offer betting odds on this one.

Most Receiving Yards: A pretty simple futures bet. What player in the entire league will finish with the most receiving yards? There will be odds on most of the top receivers in the league with the best players having lower odds and the lesser knowns having bigger odds.

The odds on this one are great with even the favorites having odds in the +800 range. It is also very hard to pick because of the sheer amount of possible winners.

Head to Head: This will be a prop between two players, typically teammates, and you bet on which one will finish with the most receiving yards at the end of the season.

Over/Under: Odds set on a specific player’s season total of receiving yards. You then bet whether you think they will have more or less than that number. For example, Chris Godwin 1099.5 receiving yards. Will he go over or under that number?

Common NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards Questions:

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What is the record for most receiving yards in a single season?

In 1961, Charley Hennigan of the Houston Oilers had 1,746 receiving yards in a single season. That record would stand for 34 years until it was broken by Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers in 1995.

Rice would hold the record for 17 years until Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions broke it with a stunning 1,964 yards. Johnson has 93 more yards than the next closest, Julio Jones who did it in 2015.

How to Bet NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards:

BetOnline: On the left hand side of the page click “Football” then “NFL Futures” then “NFL Player Performance”. This will bring up a list of positions. Select “Wide Receivers” to see all of the receiving yards betting odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: After you click “Football” on the left hand side, click “Futures” at the top of the page. From there scroll down to find “Season Player Specials”. A variety of player futures will be located here including Receiving Yards.

NFL Most Regular Season Receiving Yards Betting Strategy:

The key thing I am looking for here is a great receiver who is playing on a bad team or a team with a bad defense. We want to get a player who is going to be on a team that absolutely needs to throw the ball a lot and who will be targeted. Look no further than the all-time record holder, Calvin Johnson, for an example of why this is. The Lions stunk and their only hope was to throw the ball to Megatron.

That’s what we are looking for when betting this one. A team on the bubble of being good, a Wild Card at best, who needs to throw a lot. t

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