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Where To Bet The NFL 4th Quarter


The fourth quarter is the most important of an NFL game. This is when teams put all their cards on the table and start to really go for it. This is the quarter of the no huddle offense and the onside kick. This is the quarter when the action happens.

If the play you made on the game isn’t working out, this is your last chance to make good and because of that it is one of the most popular quarters to bet on.

This quarter will always be a popular one which is why we are covering it here today. This one is all about NFL 4th Quarters and how to bet them.

What are NFL 4th Quarter Bets?

An NFL 4th quarter bet is a play that only concerns the final quarter of an NFL game. Whatever happens before (or after) doesn’t matter, it’s only about that final 15 minutes.

You can bet moneylines, point spreads and over/unders for the 4th quarter, but that bet is only for the things that happen within that fourth quarter. The prior score does not matter.

Variants To A NFL 4th Quarter Bet:

Common NFL 4th Quarter Questions:

Does overtime count?


The fourth quarter bet is just for the fourth quarter and doesn’t include overtime or any previous score. The overtime is a seperate bet that you can place at books if they allow it.

Now, a second half bet would include overtime, but a fourth quarter bet? No.

Where To Bet NFL 4th Quarters:

America: The best place to bet 4th quarters for Americans is Bovada as they are a top destination for all NFL betting.

Canada: If you live in Canada, you have the good fortune of betting at Sports Interaction where they have you covered for all your NFL needs.

Everywhere Else: It’s hard to find a better place to bet American Football than 888.

How To Bet NFL 4th Quarters:

Football is front and center on most gambling sites so these are easy to find. At Bovada and 888 you can access the football section right from the top menu and at Sports Interaction is on the left side. From there just find the game you are looking for and click the “+” with the number by it to see all that games props including quarters.

NFL 4th Quarter Betting Strategy:

When it comes to the final quarter of the game, I am mostly looking towards totals. The offenses tend to come loose in the fourth quarter and we see a lot faster pace of play. If a team is down 10-14 points and the offense is good, I usually feel pretty good about taking an over in that situation.