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Where To Bet NFL Player Receptions


There is nothing quite like a spectacular catches. Everyone remembers the helmet catch in the Super Bowl or the Immaculate Reception or even some of the one-handed magic of Odell Beckham. Receptions are awesome and it’s amazing what good players can do with their hands.

Betting on receptions is nearly as exciting. How many catches will a player get? Will they hit the over? Or will the cornerback put a stop to it?

Receptions are key part of the game and they can be a key part of your betting game as well. This article is here to show you how.

Where To Bet NFL Player Receptions:

America: BetOnline offers two ways to bet on player receptions, over/under and receptions (at least).

Everywhere Else: Player reception odds are just one of the many different odds and props available at Bet365 Sportsbook.

What is a NFL Player Receptions bet?

There are a couple of ways that you can bet on receptions in an NFL game and I’ll explain that to you here.

Over/Under: The first and most popular is over/under. This is a total set by the sportsbook that you can either bet over or under on. They set these for multiple players and you can choose your best bet from there.

For example, here’s how the Kansas City Chiefs receivers might look for a game:

Tyreek Hill – 7.5 receptions
Travis Kelce – 7.5 receptions
Sammy Watkins – 3.5 receptions

As you can see, Watkins has a lower total than the other two as he is not featured as often in the offense.

If you bet over on Kelce then you are betting for him to have eight or more receptions.

At Least: The second way to bet on this is known as at least. Players are listed with a number and you are betting that they get “at least” that many. So a total of 4 only requires four catches, not five, but five is okay too.

This is a fun bet because you can play with the at least number to improve your odds. Let’s use Tyreek Hill as our example.

7 receptions (-333)
8 receptions (+100)
9 receptions (+112)
10 receptions (+188)

The higher you set the receptions, the better your odds get. So if you bet at least 10, a $100 bet would pay out $188.

While, in this example, the sportsbook is basically telling you that he is going to have at least seven receptions and will only pay out 1/3 of your bet if you make it on that number.

Common NFL Player Receptions Questions:

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What is the NFL record for receptions in a game?

There have been some tremendous games by wide receivers in the NFL, but none better than when Brandon Marshall caught 21 passes in December of 2009 against the Indianapolis Colts. Somewhat surprisingly, he “only” finished with 200 yards receiving.

The record he broke was set in 2000 by Terrell Owens of the San Francisco 49ers who had 20 receptions in a game against the Chicago Bears. Owens had 283 receiving yards in that game.

How to Bet NFL Player Receptions:

BetOnline: Head to the “NFL” section by clicking on the left side of the page. Find the game you are looking for and click the red plus sign to display all of this game’s props. BetOnlineOffers both over/under and at least receptions bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Football” on the left hand side of the page and find the section for “Player Props” under the list of bets. “Player Receptions” will be listed among the many options.

NFL Player Receptions Betting Strategy:

This one is all about possession receivers. Not that guy who is known as the deep threat, but the guy that you know the quarterback trusts when they need a first down. I’m talking like Jason Witten when he was on the Cowboys.

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