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Where To Bet NFL Team To Win Each Quarter


The NFL is a unique sport because every single second of it is its own game within a game. Each down, each possession, each quarter, and each halves are their own battlefields. To win one can feel like a miracle, to win them all is the sign of a truly great team.

A true domination in the NFL is not only to win the game, but to win every single quarter of that game. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it does happen. This article here is about those special games where you want to bet on a team not just to win the game, but to win every quarter of that game. These bets pay off very well.

If you’re looking to find out how you can start betting them, you’ve come to the right place. This article is about how to bet them, where to bet them, and my own strategy for winning them. Keep reading to find out more.

Where To Bet NFL Team To Win Each Quarter:

America: While BetOnline doesn’t offer NFL Team To Win Each Quarter bets, they do offer a wide variety of betting props for NFL games, including quarter props.

Canada: A great place to bet on NFL quarters is Sports Interaction. They offer team quarters won where you can bet on one, two, three, all four, or no quarters won.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a sportsbook where you can bet on an NFL team to win each quarter and much more.

What is a NFL Team To Win Each Quarter bet?

This is a bet on a team to outscore their opponents in each quarter of the game. Any tied quarters or quarters that they lose would automatically make this game a loss.

That makes this a very hard bet to win, but it does payoff very big if you bet it and win. As an example let’s take a look at a game between the Falcons and Panthers.

Atlanta Falcons – Yes (+2200) / No (-25000)
Carolina Panthers – Yes (+1500) / No (-4000)

As you can see a bet on “No” is not worth it whatsoever. However, a bet on “Yes” would pay off quite well. It’s just not all that likely to happen.

Below you will find a few alternatives to the Team to Win Each Quarter bet.

Team Quarters Won: This is a similar bet, but you can choose the amount of quarters that you bet. You can bet all four, none, or anywhere in between. Additionally, some sportsbooks over halves won with the same basic premise.

Team To Score In Every Quarter: It doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses the quarter, as long as they score at least once. This still pays off well because of the difficulty of it happened.

Team To Lead After Every Quarter: This is a similar bet, but it doesn’t require a team to score in each quarter. All you need is for them to lead after each quarter. For example, if they started the first quarter 21-0 and then won the game 21-20 that would be a win because they never trailed.

Common NFL Team To Win Each Quarter Questions:

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What does NFL Team To Win Each Quarter Mean?

A bet on a team to win each quarter is a bet on them to outscore their opponent in each quarter. That means that they need to not only score in each quarter, but score more than their opponents. One quarter where they score the same amount would make this bet a loss.

How to Bet NFL Team To Win Each Quarter:

BetOnline: All of the NFL quarter betting options can be found by heading to the sportsbook and clicking Football on the left hand side. Then click NFL Game Props to see all of the upcoming games. The props can be found by clicking the game.

Sports Interaction: In the sportsbook click “Football” then “NFL Games” on the left hand side. This will display a list of games. Click on the game you are interested in to display all of the betting props for the game, including team quarters won.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click Football on the left hand side of the page and then find the link for Team Props under NFL. Here you will find team to score in every quarter, team to win every quarter, and much more.

NFL Team To Win Each Quarter Betting Strategy:

This is a bet that I only pull out when I am feeling very, very confident. I’m talking like the 2007 New England Patriots against the Jacksonville Jaguars from any season. This is a bet that I can pull out when one team has a major injury to a quarterback and the team that goes against them has a great defense. Or maybe just if teams are playing the Jaguars.

Basically, this is a bet that you should just do for fun. You can make some money if you win, but don’t risk so much that it will hurt if you lose because the odds are against you.

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