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Where To Bet WNBA Online


WNBA stands for the Women’s National Basketball Association. It is an exclusively American professional basketball league which was initially founded in 1996 by David Stern.

To be honest it was initially thought of as a joke league and it took quite a few years to really shake off that stigma. There have been quite a few important eras in the leagues short history to really help shape the league.

Things like Paul Westhead and his up-tempo style of play, additional franchises and franchise moves and overall just the evolution of womens basketball. We are now at a stage where the women participating in the WNBA actually grew up watching it and their skill sets have evolved too.

WNBA Betting is still not very popular and one thing you will notice is drastic early line movements – it doesn’t take much to really impact the lines in WNBA. I personally run a WNBA TIps site ( and I’ve watched as I’ve tipped and bet Mercury -6, and saw the line jump within minutes to Mercury -8.

That is a good thing though as it shows Vegas still isn’t super sharp with the WNBA. In this article I am going to explain where to bet the WNBA and provide the most trusted online sportsbooks. Lets get to it:

Where To Bet WNBA Online:

America: The best option for betting the WNBA online for Americans is Bovada. They offer a wide variety of deposit options including the ability to deposit via BItcoin. They have a $250 bonus for all new depositors and have good odds with fairly standard juice. Lacking a bit on props but other than that Bovada is choice.

Everywhere Else: I’ve got to go with Bet365 Sportsbook due to their selection of prop bets available for the WNBA.

Along with the standard betting options such as who will win, the point spread and the over/under you can bet team props like who will have the highest scoring quarter, race to 20 points, exact winning margin and much more. Just an excellent overall choice plus they’re the online sportsbook I personally trust the most.

Where To Make Specific WNBA Bets:

Basketball Deposit Bonuses

(List coming soon)

How to Bet WNBA Online:

Bovada: In the sidebar under Sports click on Basketball. This lists all the basketball lines. You can filter this list in the green bar at the top to bring up just the WNBA.

Bet365 Sportsbook: In the left sidebar choose “Basketball”. This lists all the basketball leagues and WNBA will have its own section with all the bets available for that particular day. Note if you are looking to bet WNBA Futures they will not be in that section. All futures will be further down the page.

What WNBA Bets / Props Are There?

The most basic 3 bets in the WNBA are betting on a team to win, betting the over/under on the total amount of points in the game, and then betting the point spread.

Point spread betting is when one team is given a handicap. For example the Minnesota Lynx may be big favourites against the Seattle Storm. The sportsbooks may offer the Lynx -7.5 in that game.

That means whatever side you bet on you need to add 7.5 points to the Seattle Storms score at the end of the game or take away 7.5 points from the Lynx.

So if you bet Storm +7.5 and they lose 140-135 you would actually win the bet as with the handicap, they won 142.5-140.

Other common bets include the above ones except just for the first half, quarter betting such as highest scoring quarter or team to have the highest scoring quarter, and team props such as specific team total over and under.

Common WNBA Betting Questions:

Can you bet WNBA Player Props Online?

Unfortunately as far as I know you can’t. I have not yet seen a sportsbook who offers player props for the WNBA in the regular season but I will keep an eye out.

Where To Watch WNBA Online:

You can purchase a league pass at It is $16.99 and that includes the entire season and the playoffs. Pretty sick deal.

WNBA Betting Strategy:

Its hard to find easy bets on the main lines so my advice is to look for prop bets to take advantage of.

Race to 20 points for example – what team will win it. Normally the lines are lazy and they have the favourites to win the game as the team who will win that race. However there are teams out there who are fast starters, teams who are slow starters etc. Look to see who is who and find out why they are and bet accordingly. Also look for little momentum boosters that will get an underdog coming out strong.

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