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Where To Bet Golf Online


In this section I discuss where to bet golf online.

I’m big into golf betting and find it’s the most fun sport to bet on. I mean in a field of say 60-100 people you’re betting on 1-4 people to win. That means you’re cheering on a few people but the other 80 guys you’re hoping LOSE. There’s something so freaking evil but also great about watching a sport like that. You’re actively rooting for individuals to fail!

There’s a lot of options you have for betting golf, and it’s something you really should look into betting because it’s a real numbers game for the most part. If you do the research and study it well enough, you can make some good money from it. There’s also a lot of betting markets people ignore where there’s some great value to be had, and of course the lesser known tournaments usually have some solid value. Even something like the LPGA – it doesn’t get the action it should at sportsbooks, and can be very profitable.

For betting on golf, you want sportsbooks that cover the widest variety of tours, and also cover the widest variety of betting options within those tours. With that said, here’s where I feel you should bet golf online:

Where To Bet Golf Online:

America: The best option for Americans is Bovada when it comes to golf betting. They offer the main tournaments like the PGA, European Tour and the LPGA as well as the Tour, Champions Tour and more. Bovada also offer various props on each one such as 1st Round 3 Balls etc. They’ll offer betting props throughout the tournament and have a lot of betting options available. They also offer various golf futures and are a great place for Americans to bet on golf.

Everywhere Else: When the odds are equal, I personally bet at Bet365 Sportsbook when it comes to golf. It’s just so easy to navigate, they offer each-way bets often with special promos depending on the tournament, and they cover a wide variety of tournaments. From the standards such as the PGA and European Tour to tournaments such as the Sunshine Tour and the Ladies European Tour. There are lots of markets available as well as futures and the betting props they offer for golf is incredible. They also do live betting during the tournament.

How to Bet Golf Online:

Bovada: After visiting the sportsbook section, click on “Golf” in the left sidebar. It can be a bit confusing to navigate with the way they list everything so your best bet is to use the navigation bar filter above – click on “All Golf” and then you can filter it by the specific tour. That makes it easier and it will list the current tournament and leaderboard and on the right you can expand it to see all the prop bets available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Simply click “Golf” in the left sidebar and it’s all there. It’s listed by tournament with all of the bets you can make within each tournament listed there and you can select one or multiple ones. At the bottom is all of the futures and they’ll often list futures for tournaments a year in advance as well as bets based on the money lists for the major tours.

Golf Tournament Betting Guides

Types of PGA Bets:

PGA Tournament Betting Guides

What Golf Bets/Props Are There?

Golf Deposit Bonuses

Betting on golf is a lot different than team sports – you’re not betting on a particular team to win. Heck in golf you’re rarely betting on a particular golfer to win.

The most common type of bet in golf is an “Each-Way” bet. Let’s say you are betting $100 on Henrik Stenson. Most times the odds are very high at least 20/1 and so you’re not betting him just to win, you’ll place an each-way bet. That’s two bets of $50. $50 is on him to win, and $50 is on him to place in the top 5. The latter one pays 1/4 of the odds.

While you can bet a straight up winner in golf, it’s actually not as common as you’d think. It’s a very high variance sport and very risky and often the odds aren’t worth it. Instead most golf bets are on smaller markets such as betting match-ups. The sportsbook will provide you with two golfers and you’ll have to choose between them as to who you think will perform better in that tournament. Then there is the “Top” bets where you’re betting on markets such as who the Top Canadian golfer will be in a particular tournament, or whether a golfer will finish in the Top 20 or not.

You can still bet on a golfer to win straight-up but for betting on golf, it’s more common to look at the lesser markets where the reward is lower, but the variance is a lot smaller.

Common Golf Betting Questions:

What happens if play is suspended due to weather?

This happens often in golf – play is suspended due to bad weather such as heavy rain or a thunder storm.

Your bet won’t be canceled or voided or anything – it’ll remain active regardless of what happens in the tournament. For example sometimes in a tournament they’ll simply call it a night and play the rest of that round the next day and then start the new round. Occasionally a 4 round tournament will be cut to just 3 rounds if the weather is very bad. Regardless of what happens, your bet will stand as is.

Golf Betting Strategy:

Focus on the smaller tours. Really anything except the PGA and European Tour. Focus on the smaller tournaments such as the and Sunshine Tour. If you study them well enough you’ll notice some real discrepancies on the odds and you should be able to find some real solid value there.

And regardless of how good a golfer is don’t take them at anything below 6/1. That’s just an -EV play no matter who it is.

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