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Where To Bet MMA Online


If you’re looking to bet MMA online and wondering where to bet MMA, you’ve came to the right page!

In this section of the site I cover where to bet MMA in general listing the best sportsbooks for overall MMA. If you’re looking to bet a specific league or company such as UFC or Bellator, I provide links to pages within the site that cover where to bet them specifically.

I also go into detail on what MMA betting is and what the most common betting options are.

So let’s get on with Where to bet on MMA:

Where To Bet MMA:

If you’re looking to bet a specific promotion, see the links above for that. However just for general betting MMA options, your best online sportsbooks broken down by country are:

America: Honestly unless you’re looking to bet JUST UFC, then the best online sportsbook for Americans is Bovada. They offer a wide variety of prop bets on UFC and have a variety of different bets you can make per fight.

They’re also one of the only online sportsbooks that accept Americans and offer both Bellator betting and MMA futures such as fights that haven’t even been booked yet.

Everywhere Else: Easily 888. Along with a variety of prop bets for fight they cover the most promotions. 888 is one of the only online sportsbooks you can bet the likes of Cage Warriors, Glory and Urban Fight Night.

Specific MMA Promotion Betting Guides

How to Bet MMA Online:

Bovada: After you’re logged in, on the top is the “MMA” section where you can find UFC, Bellator and occasionally other promotions. You’d simply click that then find the UFC from the pulldown menu. Please note that you may want to click “Props” as well as that will give you various props not within the UFC or Bellator sections. You can select multiple options.

888: Either click “All Sports” on the left sidebar then choose “UFC/MMA” or use the search bar to search for “MMA”. You can also search by a specific promotion if you wish. This will list all MMA fights filtered by promotion. You can click each fight to expand the betting options for that particular fight.

What MMA Bets/Props Are There?

MMA Deposit Bonuses
MMA betting is betting on mixed martial arts fights.

The most common bet you can make in MMA is who will win a fight. This is a bet available at all sportsbooks – where you can bet on a specific fighter and if they will win a fight.

Of course in MMA you get really bad odds at times with the heavy favourites so there are a couple of things you can do: one is to combine the bets into a parlay or accumulator or a double or a treble. Basically let’s say you want to bet GSP to win but he’s -400 and you want to bet Jon Jones to win on the same card but he’s also -400. These are high odds. However you could do a combined bet “Bet that BOTH GSP & Jon Jones will win” and then although you are betting on both those outcomes, the odds you get will be something like -180.

You can also bet a fighter to win but with different options on that fighter. Some sportsbooks will allow you to bet that a fighter will win via a specific method – so you could bet that Jon Jones will win via decision or KO/TKO or submission finish.

You can also go that one step further and bet on a fighter to win in a specific round.

The other most common bet in MMA is over/under where you can bet the over/under on rounds. So the sportsbook may set the line at 1.5 rounds in a 3 round fight. You then bet if the fight will go over or under that.

So if it’s two heavyweights fighting both with the big KO power you might want to bet on them to go under 1.5 rounds and as long as it ends before 2:30 of the 2nd round, you’d win the bet.

Those are the common bets you can make in MMA although there are a lot more you can make depending on the company. Follow the links below to see more betting options within MMA.

Common MMA Betting Questions:

Where is the best odds comparison site for MMA?

I personally use BestFightOdds. They list all upcoming MMA shows as well as all MMA futures with a great interface and are the best place to view where the best odds are for a particular fight.

MMA Betting Strategy:

While MMA has been around for a long time, MMA betting is technically still in its infancy. The online sportsbooks are getting there in regard to setting odds etc however they’re still not perfect.

Your best bet for MMA is to really study the undercards or fighters who no-one really knows. With UFC having so many cards these days it can be great for that – you can find a lot of fighters who the bookies clearly don’t know too much about and have set incorrect lines based mainly on their history.

So start looking at those ones – they’re the ones where you can make the most profit from MMA betting at the moment.

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