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Where To Bet The Czech Republic Extraliga Online


The Czech Republic Extraliga is the top level hockey league in the Czech Republic and was formed back in 1993.

It currently features 14 teams and in terms of comparisons to other leagues, many view it as the 6th best amongst all of the leagues in the world.

The official league title of the Czech Republic Extraliga changes based on sponsors. For example over the years it’s been known as the Staropramen Extraliga, the O2 Extraliga and the Tipsport Extraliga.

It currently features 14 teams with the top 10 teams going through to the playoffs.

If you’re looking to bet the Extraliga online, here’s where to do it:

Where To Bet the Czech Republic Extraliga Online:

America: An excellent option for Czech Republic hockey is Bovada. They offer both the Extraliga and the 1st Liga. For each game they offer a solid variety of bets – along with betting the totals, moneyline and the spread, you can make various prop bets on the games such as 1st period lines, first team to score and both teams to score.

Everywhere Else: I personally use Bet365 Sportsbook to bet the Czech Republic Extraliga. When I’ve bet there in the past I found they offered the most prop bets per game in the Czech Republic Extraliga such as Team to Score First, Double Change, Race to 3 goals and many more along with the standard bets available in any hockey game. They’ll also often offer lines well in advance if you like to get your betting done early.

How to Bet Czech Republic Extraliga online:

Bovada: In the “Sports” section of the site, click “Hockey” on the left sidebar and then from there you can use the top menu to filter. Change “All Hockey” to “Czech Republic” and you’re good to go. You can expand the offerings of each game by clicking the “BETS >” link to the right of each game.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Hockey” in the left sidebar then scroll down. A green bar will state “Czech Republic Extraliga” and all of the options are there including the game lines and the prop bets. You can click on Game Lines then click on that game for all of the prop bets available for that Czech Republic Extraliga matchup.

What Czech Republic Extraliga Bets/Props are there?

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The most basic bets are to bet on who to win, what the game total will be in terms of goals (betting over or under) and then the puck line which is a handicap bet.

For the puck line one team will be -1.5 and one team will be +1.5. You add that score to the teams total and if they win with that handicap in place, you win the money. For example if you took HC Olomouc at +1.5 versus Sparta Praha and the final score is Sparta Praha 3-2 HC Olomouc. When you add 1.5 to the 2 goals HC scored, you get 3.5 so HC Olomouc won 3.5-3 and thus if you bet them, you would have won your bet.

Along with the basics, the rest depends on the sportsbook but there are a lot of game specific props such as betting on the 1st periods, betting on when the first goal will be and much more.

Common Czech Republic Extraliga Questions:

Can you Bet Czech Republic Extraliga Player Props online?:

Unfortunately there are no online sportsbooks I’ve found that offer up Czech Republic Extraliga player props.

What names has the Czech Republic Extraliga had over the years?

It is of course popular in Europe for sports leagues to have a sponsored name. The Czech Extraliga over the years has had the following names based on their sponsor:

  • Český Telecom Extraliga
  • Staropramen Extraliga
  • O2 Extraliga
  • Tipsport Extraliga

How do the Czech Republic Extraliga Playoffs work?

There are 14 teams who play during the regular season. Once the regular season is finished, the post season begins. 4 teams are eliminated at this point with the 10 teams with the most points going to the post season.

The teams who finish 1st through 6th are put in the quarter finals automatically. The remaining four teams then face off to see who will participate in the quarter finals as well. They play in a best of 5 series.

What’s neat is the remaining 4 teams – who finished 11th through 14th – play their own group. It’s 12 games and it’s a continuation of the regular season. The two teams who finish last will then play with the two winners of the semi-finals in the First League in their own qualifying group. The teams who finish first and second will be in the Czech Extraliga and the other two will be relegated to the Czech 1. Liga.

Where To Watch Czech Republic Extraliga Online:

Unfortunately I don’t know of any places to reliably watch Czech Republic Extraliga online. In saying that, Bet365 Sportsbook often offer live streaming of Czech Republic Extraliga games.

Czech Republic Extraliga Betting Strategy:

I find looking at the smaller props and combining them with a fair bit of research helps in the leagues like this where the betting action isn’t as big.

For example focusing on 1st periods in the Czech Republic Extraliga can be good. Sportsbooks will normally set the lines based on the most basic of stats – oh this team wins the most in the 1st period? They’re the favourites. If you can really crunch the numbers in regards to that and understand when a dog is going to come out hot, you’ve got a good chance of coming out ahead.

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