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Where To Bet The Danish Superliga Online


Displaying all of the top Soccer talent from across Denmark, the Danish Superliga is the highest Football division there. Overseen by the Danish Football Association, it’s a well regarded championship tournament, boasting some of the best clubs and players that the country has to offer. Here we’ll look at how you can potentially make a profit from this when gambling, and what, exactly, it’s all about.

Originally founded in 1991, it has fourteen teams enter it annually, having superseded the Danish 1st Division which was initially in its place. Currently sponsored by the Fagligt Fælles Forbund Union, its previous sponsors included big name brands such as Coca-Cola backing it as well. Officially part of the UEFA confederation, it’s an internationally recognised league, with players and teams going on to play at a European level. Currently holding the most winning titles is Copenhagen, as they’ve gone on to win the tournament on numerous occasions.

Bringing to the table an exemplary level of talent means that the competition is extremely exhilerating to watch. How do you not feel overwhelmed, then, when looking for some bets to make, and how do you find the choice that’s right for you?

Where To Bet The Danish Superliga:

America: While you have to be fairly quick with this in order to catch the available bets in North America, you should usually be able to find some Danish Superliga games through Everygame.

Canada: For betting on the Danish Superliga in Canada, you’re best served heading on over to Sports Interaction who are the best sportsbook for Canadians looking to bet soccer.

Everywhere Else: Here you’ll want to use Bet365 Sportsbook, providing coverage for the games internationally.

What is The Danish Superliga?

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With the winners being awarded a place in the UEFA Champions League, there’s everything to play for here. Those that get second place in the tournament get to enter the Europa League, making for a highly contested series of matches. There’s also the Danish Cup, which is run by the Danish Football Association, seeing many of the league teams competing for places in Europe.

Featuring many notable players, the attendance for each of the games has rapidly grown throughout the years, making it one of the most popular national Danish Soccer events to date. Here’s how the tournament itself currently generally looks:

  • Season: Playing home and away, the entire event consists of twenty-six matches for each team, with the scores being carried for the remaining eight clubs into the play-offs
  • Play-Offs: Again playing each other home and away, the winners at the end are finally crowned the champions.
  • Qualifiers and Relegations: While the bottom two clubs are relegated in place of the top two from the Danish 1st Division, the winner qualifies for the UEFA Champions League.
  • The second winning team qualifies for the Europa League, making this a highly contested event, with it growing year-by-year. This then leads to you and your money, and how do you know where to start when it comes to betting on the Danish Superliga?

    Common Danish Superliga Questions:

    What bets are there and what should I look for?:

    With teams like FC Copenhagen tending to dominate the tournament as a whole, it’s typically easier to bet on two or three teams winning. It’s the match markets individually, though, that can offer greater odds, with more interesting bets available if you look for them. The larger bets normally consists of which teams will win, who will score what, and predicting the correct score at the final whistle. Try to experiment with your bets, spreading them across the board, taking in various handicaps too, and making the larger bets more exciting in the long-run.

    How will I be able to watch the Danish Superliga?:

    In Denmark itself the Viasat Discovery Network currently owns the rights to the Danish Superliga, showing it through stations such as TV3 Sport 1 and 2, Canal 9 and Eurosport. Internationally you can view the games on Bet365 Sportsbook, with the matches regularly showing live alongside continually updated betting odds. ESPN+ should have them all available in the United States, along with Canada too, as around thirty-six games a week are shown. There are various networks across Europe who also show the matches, including Sportklub and Nova Sport to name a few.

    How to Bet The Danish Superliga:

    Everygame: At the top you can find ‘Sportsbook’, which will then provide you with ‘Soccer’ down the left side of the page. This can be found in the ‘More Sports’ section, which, opening it up, will give you a list of countries and competitions again. If available, you can then find ‘Denmark’ further down, with the ‘Danish Superligaen’ underneath. The available bets and matches should now be down the middle of the page, with bets up top and the matches below.

    Bet365 Sportsbook: Heading from the main landing page after using the ‘English’ option, you can then find ‘Soccer’ located down the left-hand side of the page. Just below ‘Snooker’, it will take you through to all the bets down the center of the page, above which is the ‘Outright’ option, as you can then see all the countries rolling down now, with ‘Denmark’ near the bottom. Opening it up you will then see ‘Denmark Superligaen’ for the current years, giving you the general overall bets, such as ‘To Win Outright’, and ‘To Be Relegated’ for you to choose from.

    The Danish Superliga Betting Strategy:

    When considering the Danish Superliga, you need to take into account the position it holds within Denmark’s league rankings. Certain teams at this level do tend to dominate the tournament overall, which means there will be clubs that usually come out on top. Ideally you need to focus more on the smaller bets, such as handicaps, in order to compliment the larger bets.

    Availability is another issue, as you wont always find the wagers you want immediately, so patience is key. Once you find them though, you should be able to make a bet that’s more suitable to you and your needs, tailoring a wager with far more potential for success.

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