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Where To Bet Soccer Goalscorers


In this article I am going to cover Where To Bet Goalscorers in soccer / football.

I will recommend the best online sportsbooks to make goalscorer prop bets at.

The sportsbooks are listed due to a variety of factors such as trust, best odds, and also based on the goalscorer prop bet and how flexible it is in regards to what you can bet.

Here’s the recommendations for where to bet goalscorers in soccer:

Where To Bet Goalscorers in Soccer

America: The best US facing sportsbook for soccer goalscorer prop bets is Bovada. They really focus on soccer and have a great selection such as anytime goalscorer, first goalscorer and last goalscorer. Lots of good odds too and then they have a variety of goal related prop bets not counting the individual goalscorer bets.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook by far is Bet365 Sportsbook just due to the variations they have on the goalscorer bet. They have the default betting prop of first, last and anytime goalscorer.

They also offer bets such as scorecast, wincast, timecast etc. So you could bet that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to score the first goal for his team, and then also bet the time of that goal. Like within 0-20 minute mark, or the 21-45 minute mark etc.

You can also do team goalscorer bets as in Harry Kane will be the first goalscorer to score out of all the players on his team – so if they go 1-0 down, it won’t affect the bet. You can see the full list at Bet365 Sportsbook.

What Goalscorer Prop Bets Are There?

It depends on the sportsbook, but prop bets are:

Anytime Goalscorer: All that is required to win this bet is for the player you pick to score at anytime.

First Goalscorer: When you bet this one you need the player you bet on to score the first overall goal in the match.

Last Goalscorer: The player you bet on here needs to score the very last goal in the match.

Multi Scorer: This is where you can bet on a player to score multiple goals and it doesn’t matter when they score. So you could bet Harry Kane to score 2 or more, or bet him to score 3 or more goals.

Scorecast: This is where you bet on a player to score first, and also bet on the correct score in the match. Like Harry Kane scores first and England win 3-0. Or you can do anytime scorecast where a player scores anytime and you predict the correct score. There is also 1st Half Scorecast where you bet on the score at the end of the first half.

Wincast: In this one, you are choosing a player to score and also betting on the team that will win the match.

Timecast: In this one you bet on a player to score first and the time he will score. So you could bet Leo Messi to score the first goal of the game between the 21st and 45th minute.

Team Goalscorer: Same bets as above but only based on the team. So if you bet Harry Kane to score for England and they go 1-0 down then it doesn’t matter as it’s just based on the team.

Common Soccer Goalscorer Bet Questions:

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What if you bet on someone to score a goal, but the game ends 0-0?

There is no push in regards to this bet. If you bet on a player to score and he doesn’t then you lose the bet.

What if your player gets injured?

If you bet on a player to score and they get injured 2 minutes in you lose the bet.

How to Bet Soccer Goalscorer Props

Bovada: To the right of the game you wish to bet on, there will be a number such as +126 bets. Click that and it expands the selection to show all bets. If you scroll down, all the goalscorer prop bets will be there and you just have to select one, add it to your bet slip then place the bet.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the game that you wish to bet on and there will be tabs at the top. Click on “Player” and aill the prop bets related to player goalscorers will be there. The tab for “Goals” does not list player prop bets. It is about team goals in the match, clean sheets etc.

Soccer Goalscorer Betting Strategy:

A good strategy is to look at how teams concede goals, and how teams score goals and then find value in that.

As an example – if a team concedes a fair amount of goals from corners, and then the team they are playing scores a lot from corners? You may want to bet on one of the corner goalscorers for the team. Might get good value there too in regard to backing on centre backs.

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