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Where To Bet Soccer Both Teams To Score (BTTS)


One of my favourite prop bets you can make in soccer is betting on whether both teams will score in a particular match.

It’s great from a betting perspective as I feel enough data is out there to help you make a well-informed choice.

It’s also great from an entertainment perspective as it’s a bet that will be alive the entire match. Even if a team is up 6-0, you can still have that 96th minute injury time goal that means nothing to the game itself, but for anyone betting Both Teams To Score (or BTTS for short), it can change everything.

There are a variety of bets related to this one too. Let’s cover the best sportsbooks to bet Both Teams To Score at first.

Where To Bet Both Teams To Score in Soccer

America: The best sportsbook for Americans to do the Both Teams To Score prop is at Bovada. Along with offering that prop bet, they offer a variety of bets related to it such as Both Teams to Score and what the result will be. You can also bet Both Teams to Score in the First Half, live bet the second half BTTS, and much more.

Everywhere Else: The best book for Both Teams To Score is Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer Both Teams to Score, the Result/Both Teams To Score, Both Teams to Score in either half, and also allow you to use it within their bet builder. This allows you to make any random bet you want for example you can bet both teams to score and Ronaldo to have over 1.5 shots on target etc all with ease.

What Both Teams To Score Bets Are There?

I’ll explain all the betting options here and how they work:

Both Teams To Score: The most basic bet of all. You simply bet whether, for the full 90 minutes plus injury time, both teams will score. You will get the choice of saying “Yes” or “No”. If one team fails to score and you bet “No”, then you win the bet.

Both Teams To Score in First Half: You can bet whether in the first 45 minutes, both teams will score or not.

Both Teams To Score in Second Half: Similar. You will be able to live bet this one too.

Both Teams To Score in Both Halves: You get a variety of options here. You can bet yes both teams score in both halves which is always at high odds. Or you can bet no they won’t. Or you can do a mix of “Yes they will both score in the first half but not in the second half”.

Result/Both Teams To Score: This is a good combo bet found at most sportsbooks where you can bet whether both teams to score, and the result. So you could bet Man Utd to win and Both Teams to Score = Yes/No, or Man Utd and Liverpool to Draw and Both Teams to Score = Yes/No etc.

Total Goals & Both Teams to Score: A combo bet where you can bet on both teams to score and over/under 2.5 goals to get a bit extra money in there. Generally good if you see a 2-1 or 3-1 type of result and betting Over 2.5 and Yes.

Combinations with Shots: Bovada usually offer game specials and Bet365 Sportsbook have the bet builder where you can place bets such as “Both Teams to Score & Each Team 2+ Shots On Target In Each Half”, or crazy combinations like that.

Common Both Teams To Score Questions:

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Do own goals count for Both Teams To Score Bets?:

Yes. If the score is Liverpool 1-1 Watford, and the Watford goal was an own goal, that would still count as a Watford goal. So in that instance, if you bet “Yes” to Both Teams to Score you would win the bet.

Where can I find Both Teams to Score Statistics?

A tremendous resource for that is Please note that there is a lot more to the BTTS bet than simply seeing teams that have a strong trend, one way or the other, of scoring and conceding in matches historically.

How to Bet Both Teams to Score

Bovada: Click on the “X Bets” section to the right of the game you wish to do a BTTS bet on to expand it. They will be there usually a fair bit down the page. If you search for “Both Teams to Score” within that page you will find props too. For example “Both Teams to Score & Each Team 2+ Shots on Target”.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the game you wish to bet on. These are popular bets so you will find Both Teams to Score and Result/Both Teams to Score under the popular section of each game. You can also find varieties such as the half bets and more under the “goals” section of each game.

Both Teams To Score Betting Strategy:

Like I said above – don’t just blindly bet on “Both Teams to Score = Yes” simply because in the last 3 games, that came up for both teams. Look at why the goals are happening. Look at who is playing, who is injured. Look at motivation levels.

Basically don’t just skim the surface of the stats – dive into it. That’s the mistake people make all the time. What if you see a team has scored and conceded in their last 4 games and so trust that to happen again and bet it? Then later you find out well they had their two star defenders out for the last month but they are both back in this game.

Don’t make rash decisions basically. It’s like all bets you need to go further than just the headlines.

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