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Where To Bet Player Assists in Soccer


In this article I will be covering where to bet player assists in soccer.

I’ll be covering the best online sportsbooks to bet on player assists. The best sportsbooks to bet this are based on a variety of different reasons.

For example some online sportsbooks offer variables to player assists, or related props that make them better. Others offer better odds on specific player props in football and that’s what I’ll be looking at, along with only listing the must trustworthy sportsbooks of course.

There are also some online sportsbooks that only cover the major leagues such as the EPL and Serie A. I will factor that in and list the sportsbooks that cover the lesser leagues when it comes to player assists.

Where To Bet Player Assists

America: The only online sportsbook that accepts Americans and offers up soccer player assists betting is BetOnline. Don’t worry though because they are a good one!

They offer up a wide variety of props and with player assists, they allow you to bet more than just the over/under. You can also bet on multiple assists. So you can bet on a player having 2 assists in a game for example.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for player assists and various other props is easily Bet365 Sportsbook.

They offer up over/under on player assists so you can actually bet against a player getting an assist.

Bet365 Sportsbook also offer various other player props such as shots, tackles, bookings, red cards and penalties.

You may also want to go BetOnline because there, you can bet on multiple assists. So if you think a player will have at least two assists, you can bet that as opposed to just the over/under.

What Player Assists Bets / Props Are There?

There are exactly two player assists bets you can make.

The first one is the over/under. The sportsbooks set the line – normally 0.5 – on player assists.

You then bet if that player will have over 0.5 assists, or under 0.5 assists. That means you can bet on players to have no assists. Of course the odds for that are very poor but still worth looking at.

The other player assists bet you can make is “At Least” where you can bet on multiple assists for a player. By default it is 1, so you can bet a player will have “At Least” 1 assist in a match.

However, you can increase that to 2 assists if you wish, for much higher odds.

Common Player Assists Questions:

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Can you bet multiple player props such as Player Slots and Assists?

Yes you can – the sportsbooks just don’t list it in it’s own separate area. At BetOnline it would be a case of parlaying both of these props.

At Bet365 Sportsbook, you can use their bet builder to build a prop. So you could bet that Pogba will have over 0.5 assists in a match, and then also over 2.5 shots in the same match. Essentially the same as a double or a parlay.

So yes that option is available it just doesn’t have it’s own separate area for betting it.

What position gets most assists?

This strongly varies on team, style, player etc. For example in 2020/21 in the EPL, Harry Kane had the most assists at 14. But the majority of other forwards are at about 7 assists and below. It’s just due to the way he plays and Spurs play etc.

You will see a constant among midfielders in regards to assists, regardless of team. Using 2020/21 data for example you had two guys at top clubs like Fernandes and De Bruyne at the top of the charts.

But at lesser clubs, Jack Grealish and Pascal Grob were both up there as well.

How to Bet Player Assists

BetOnline: Click on the game you wish to bet player assists at to expand it and show all the props available. On that list will be Assists (At Least).

Click on that to expand that. Then all of the bets will be available with the default at 1. You can change it to 2 with the drop-down, add it to your bet slip and then add another prop if you wish, or place the bet.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the game that you wish to make your player assists bet at. Look under the “Player” category and all of the props will be there, including player assists.

Player Assists Betting Strategy:

A large part of it is just data analysis. There are a lot of different methods to it and figuring out how will get an assist in a match.

Generally how I approach it is I look at one individual match, and how teams both score goals and concede goals. And look for trends in that.

Just as a broad example – if Man Utd get a lot of goals from crosses sent in from their full backs, and the team they are playing concede a lot of goals to this method – then right there that makes betting a full back to have an assist more appealing.

I will of course break it down more and look to determine what side the assist is likely to come from etc.

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