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Where To Bet NFL Player Longest Pass Completion


There are few things in the NFL more exciting than a nice long pass for a touchdown. One well-timed deep pass can change the face of the game and it’s one of the things that is most exciting about watching the NFL.

The NFL is a big time quarterbacks league this time and that is helped by the receivers also being bigger and faster than in NFL history. It’s just a great time for passing and big time passing plays are an exciting part of the game these days.

One betting market that has emerged from this is the longest pass completion. This is a play that is all about deep passes and is a lot of fun to bet on. Who doesn’t like a big passing play? Nobody, that’s who.

This article is going to tell you a bit more about this betting market and show you where you can bet it yourself.

Where To Bet Player Longest Pass Completion:

America: Right now, BetOnline doesn’t offer this bet, but they do offer a number of other passing play betting markets including pass completions, passing yards, and passing TDs. You can still bet on quarterbacks here, just not on the longest pass.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook with many passing markets including the longest pass completion is Bet365 Sportsbook. They have many quarterback and passing related props.

What is a Player Longest Pass Completion bet?

The longest pass completion bet is an over/under set on a certain amount of yardage. If a play happens in the game that goes over that number then the over is the winner. If there are no plays that long, it is not and the under wins.

An example would be:

Tom Brady – 40.5 yards

In this scenario, in order to win the over bet you would need Tom Brady to complete a pass of 41-yards or more. Any pass that gains 41+ yards means you win. If you were to bet the under, you better hope that nobody catches a pass for more than 40 yards!

Common Player Longest Pass Completion Questions:

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What is the longest pass in NFL history?

The longest possible pass in football is 99-yards which would be a team at the 1-yard line throwing a touchdown. It has only been done nine times in NFL history with the most recent being in 2011 when it happened twice, by Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

The complete list of players who have thrown a 99 yard pass is: Jim Plunkett (1983), Stan Humphries (1994), Eli Manning (2011), Brett Favre (1995), Tom Brady (2011), Jeff Garcia (2004), Ron Jaworski (2002), Trent Green (2002), and Gus Frerotte (2008).

Of course, all of these plays featured a pass and then running afterward. For the longest thrown ball, Baker Mayfield in 2020 that traveled 80 yards through the air and is considered to be the longest of all time.

How to Bet Player Longest Pass Completion:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Once you enter the football/NFL section of the wesbite, scroll down to the “Player Props” section where you will find the Player Longest Completion odds.

Player Longest Pass Completion Betting Strategy:

Let’s stick with the names and let’s stick with the youth. There are bets when a veteran is the way to go, but this isn’t one of them. The older they get, the weaker their arm gets, and the less chances they take.

I’m looking for young gunslingers here who have a high yards per game average.

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