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Where To Bet NFL Player Rushing Yards


Running isn’t as big of apart of the game of football as it once was, but it is still a key factor of the game. The run establishes the pass and keeps teams honest. Teams with a good running game tend to succeed because it sets everything else up and allows you to control the clock.

Having a player who can rack up the rushing yards is a real game changer for a team and it can also be quite profitable for betting as well. Betting on the over/unders of rushing yards can pay off nicely.

This article is going to be about how I bet NFL player rushing yards and how you can start doing it to as I show you where to bet them.

Where To Bet NFL Player Rush Yards:

America: BetOnline

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook

What is a NFL Player Rush Yards bet?

Over/Under: Sportsbooks set a simple over/under line based on the amount of rushing yards that a player will get. Bettors then choose whether they think the player will go over or under that number.

These numbers are set not only for the running backs, but also for receivers and quarterbacks as well.

As an example, let’s take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs rushing yards prop for Super Bowl LV.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire 29.5 yards
Tyreek Hill 5.5 yards
Patrick Mahomes 22.5 yards
Darrel Williams 30.5 yards

Hill is a wide receiver and unlikely to get many attempts so this is basically a bet on a single carry.

Mahomes is the quarterback, but he’s been known to escape trouble and pick up yards with his feet as well as his arm. The line is a bit high, but he can do this is one carry.

While the running backs lines are set right around where you’d expect for a passing team who splits carries.

If you were to bet the over on Mahomes, you’d need him to have at least 23 yards running total to win the bet.

At Least: Sportsbooks also have what is known as Rushing Yards (At Least). This is where a number is set and you need to hit at least that number. Anything over it is just gravy.

However, you can also adjust this one to make it more profitable. For example, here’s what Leonard Fournette’s line looked like for Super Bowl LV:

38 yards (-476)
48 yards (-114)
78 yards (+148)
98 yards (+220)

If you are betting 38 yards, you’d need to bet $476 just to win $100. That means that the sportsbook thinks it’s highly likely he hits that number.

Yet if you bet the 98 yards and it comes in, a $100 bet would pay $220. This is the sportsbook saying they find that unlikely.

Common NFL Player Rush Yards Questions:

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Who holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a game?

The record for most rushing yards in a single game is held by Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings who ran for a record 296 yards against the San Diego Chargers. The most amazing thing about this stat line is that he did it on only twenty carries. He was also only a rookie at the time. His day was highlighted by touchdown runs of 64 and 46 yards.

Peterson broke Jamal Lewis’ record by only one yard. Jamal Lewis ran for 295 yards on 30 carries in 2003.

How to Bet NFL Player Rush Yards:

BetOnline: Once you enter the list of NFl games for the day, find the red plus sign on the far right of the game that you wish to bet on. This expands to show all of the props available for this game including the rushing yards.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the football section of the page and you will find a list of all of the available betting options. Find the player props section of the page and you will see “Player Rush Yards” listed among the options.

NFL Player Rush Yards Betting Strategy:

Carries, carries, carries.

You want to bet this? Make sure your man is going to get the carries!

You really have to be careful in today’s NFL as so many teams like to do a timeshare in the backfield so it is important to ensure that your man is going to get enough carries to get the yards he needs.

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