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Where To Bet the NFL Money Line


Point spreads can be tough, especially in the NFL. These lines are so well researched and laid out by experts that they can be really hard to beat. Sometimes, you just want to bet on a winner and not worry about a meaningless field goal in the last five minutes of a game. This is where NFL Money Line bets come in and they are a key to any winning bettors season.

The money line on NFL games is not as fluid as the point spread and you can generally find good values on games. Picking winners is a lot easier than beating point spreads.

This article is going to cover all you need to know about NFL Money Lines. How they work, where to bet them, how to bet them and our strategy for winning some money on them. There are a lot of options on where to bet these, but we’ve done the research and can tell you the best place to bet NFL Money Lines.

Where To Bet NFL Money Lines:

America: One of the best places to bet the NFL is Bovada. They are one of the best sportsbooks when it comes to betting options for NFL games.

Canada: Sports Interaction is the premier place to go for Canadian NFL fans.

Everywhere Else: The games might start at weird hours of the night, but 888 has you covered for all of your NFL needs.

What are NFL Money Line Bets?

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The NFL Money Line is a roundabout way of saying “picking the outright winner”. It’s called a money line because there are odds attached to the “price” on the game. A good way to explain this would be to look at the point spread in comparison to the money line. So let’s say the Patriots are playing the Falcons and the Patriots are good and the Falcons are just okay. That line might look something like this:

Patriots -7
Falcons +7

So, the Patriots are a pretty big favorite here. If you wanted to bet the outright winner, the money line might look something like this:

Patriots -250
Falcons +250

This means that if you bet $100 on the Falcons, you’d win $250 if they managed to pull the upset as a major underdog. If you wanted to bet the Patriots them you would need to bet $250 to win $100 as they are a major favorite.

The key here is finding the best values. If you bet three games at -250 and only two of them end up winning, you would be losing money.

Common NFL Money Line Questions:

What is the difference between NFL Money Lines and NFL Second Half?

In addition to betting NFL Money Lines (the results on the entire game), sportsbooks also will offer lines on the first half, second half and even individual quarters. The lines work the same way, but they are only for that quarter or half.

Let’s say you bet the Patriots second half money line. If the Patriots are up 7-0 after the first half and the final score is 10-7 Patriots, you would lose that bet. As in the second half the score was 3-7. The scoring in the first half does not count towards your final bet.

Are there NFL Moneylines for each individual quarter?

Absolutely. You can bet the moneyline for each quarter or each half. The line is usually pretty similar to the overall game’s moneyline, but it will fluctuate based on what is happening in a game.

For instance, if a favored team is down fourteen points in the fourth quarter then the team that is down might have a negative moneyline based on the expectation that they will try to score a lot in the fourth quarter with a hurry-up offense.

How To Bet NFL Money Lines:

These are some of the easy bets to find on a sportsbook. Bovada, Sports Interaction, and 888 all keep their NFL bets front and center so they should be easy for you to find. Typically, sportsbooks list the point spreads, money line and totals all in the same place.

NFL Money Line Betting Strategy:

The key to betting NFL Money Lines is to look for the right game to do it. You can win money by betting something like the Eagles -400, but that is a lot to risk for a small profit and can blow up in your face. The one thing I like to focus on is games with small spreads and value moneylines.

I’m looking for a game where the point spread is something like this:

Ravens -2.5 vs. Giants +2.5

In this game, the Giants might be a +125 or even +140 underdog. With a spread that low it is ultimately an admission that the two teams are close to even. When you are getting so little points (the top point differentials in NFL games are 3, 7 and 10), it is far more valuable to bet the moneyline here than the point spread.

That said, it can be worth it to bet the moneyline when a team is a big favorite as well. For instance, if a team is -14.5 and the moneyline is -250 then the moneyline might be a better play for you. That half point can be extremely dangerous and a big win for the team can turn into a loss.

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