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Where To Bet NFL Coaches Challenge


Let’s just be honest here, NFL referees aren’t that good. It’s a near impossible job because you will never please everyone and it’s very hard to see everything that is happening at all times. All things considered, they are pretty decent at their jobs. I mean, have you seen a college football game lately? Or a high school one? Trust me, the NFL are the best of the best.

I say they aren’t that good at their jobs though because they do make a lot of mistakes. Everyone does and they are only human like the rest of us. Thankfully, the NFL allows coaches challenge. If you’re old enough to have seen NFL from the before times you have to admit that things are better now. If your team lost one game because of a bad call, you know I’m right.

Coaches challenges are a big part of the game now and like all big parts of the game, you can bet on it. I think this is a pretty unique betting option because there is no way to truly know, but you can find an edge if you look deep enough. This article is going to get a bit more into that as well as where to bet it. Let’s get to it.

Where To Bet NFL Coaches Challenge:

Everywhere: BetOnline is a popular sportsbook for good reason, they have a ton of betting options and some great promotions that they run throughout the season. You can bet on coaches challenges and much more here.

What is NFL Coaches Challenge betting?

If you’re looking to bet on the NFL Coaches Challenge then you should look for the First Team to Use a Challenge betting option at your preferred sportsbook.

This is a bet on what team will call for a challenge first. It does not matter if that challenge is successful, all that matters is what team calls for it first.

This is essentially a coin-flip bet because you simply can’t know what call is going to be missed by the referees during the game. It is likely to happen as most games feature a challenge, but there is no clear way of knowing which team will be the one to call for it. Because of this, the odds are even for both teams in this one.

Common NFL Coaches Challenge Questions:

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When did NFL coaches challenge begin?

The NFL had a long history with instant replay. There was an original system that was used from 1986 to 1991, but it did not make it for a variety of reasons and the NFL went without any form of replay from 1992 to 1998. However, the NFL owners finally agreed to bring it back for the 1999 season in the form that it now exists.

One of the major events that caused the need for instant replay was a game in 1998 when the Jets scored a touchdown against the Seahawks to win the game. Replay would show that it wasn’t actually a touchdown, but with no system in place the call stood. The game had terrible repercussions for the Seahawks who missed the playoffs by one game and saw their entire coaching staff fired after the season. The lack of instant replay not only cost them a playoff berth, it cost people jobs.

How to Bet NFL Coaches Challenge:

BetOnline : It is available within the props section when you click on the game you want to place the bet.

NFL Coaches Challenge Betting Strategy:

Most challenges in the NFL come from either ball placement by the referees or whether or not something was a catch. How can you know who that will happen to so that you can figure out who is going to challenge first? You can’t.

However, one thing you can do is bet on the specific coaches. There are some coaches in the NFL who are very hesitant to use their challenges if there is even a 1% chance that it won’t go there way because they are so afraid of losing one of their timeouts. While other coaches are more willing to make the challenge if they think it can help their team win.

To find out who uses the most and least challenges, head to a site like Football Zebras which tracks the stats on coaches challenges.

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