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Where To Bet the LPGA Tour Online


In this article I’m going to cover the LPGA and where to bet it online as well as how to bet the LPGA.

The LPGA – the Ladies Professional Golf Association – is the biggest womens golf tour in the world and the quality of female golfers has really evolved this century.

An American tour by origin, the LPGA these days takes place all over the world and is now a global tour in terms of the players. In the first 40 years it was practically 99% American golfers but now there has been a huge rise in other nations – especially in the Korea region.

Much like the PGA, the LPGA has major tournaments. The 5 majors in the LPGA tour are the ANA Inspiration, U.S. Women’s Open, Women’s PGA Championship, Ricoh Women’s British Open and The Evian Championship.

Betting on the LPGA can be a lot better to bet on than a tournament such as the PGA. If you’re a nerd for stats (like I am) the LPGA can be right up your alley and you’ll find a lot of value here when it comes to betting. If you’re a number cruncher for golf, turn your attentions to the LPGA and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value online sportsbooks offer for betting on the LPGA tour.

Where To Bet LPGA Online:

America: There are two sportsbooks you should have an account at if you’re an American looking to bet the LPGA. One reason for this is with different odds you want to place your bets at the sportsbook offering the best odds. The other reason is that each sportsbook has something different in terms of LPGA Betting Props.

At Bovada you can bet on who will win a tournament, and bet on who the first round leader will be. They also offer specific tournament match ups so you can bet match ups there and that’s a good reason to bet there.

The other sportsbook you should have an account at is Everygame. Along with outright winners you can also bet on who will place in the top 3 so that’s another important prop bet to have.

Everywhere Else: The best option is Bet365 Sportsbook. For each LPGA tournament you can do live betting. They also offer the ability to do 72 hole match betting which is betting matchups so you can bet on Chun vs Henderson for example. You can bet golfers to have a Top 5 Finish or Top 10 Finish, as well as bet on the 1st round leader and 1st round 3 balls.

Where To Make Specific LPGA Bets:

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How to Bet LPGA Online

Bovada: Within the “Sports” section click on “Golf” which should be on the left. If it isn’t click “All Sports” to expand that section. Now this is a bit of a mess initially so what you want to do is filter to show just LPGA. At the top on the green bar it says “All Golf”. Click that and choose “LPGA Tour” and it will list all available LPGA bets.

Everygame: Under the Sportsbook section choose “Golf” which is on the left under “More Sports”. Next on the left click on the particular LPGA Tournament you want to bet on ie: LPGA Kingsmill Championship. This then lists all possible LPGA bets. You click what you want then it is added to the right under your bet slip.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left side click “Golf” and this lists all golf tournaments with the title of that tournament in green. Look for the current tournament and all of the available bets will be listed under that. You can either click each one or select multiple ones to look through. They rarely have LPGA futures but if they do they will also be on this page you just have to scroll down.

What LPGA Bets / Props Are There?)

There’s a disappointing variety of LPGA betting. You can bet the basics on who will win a tournament and then some sportsbooks offer the ability to bet Top 5 or Top 10 or Top 3 so you can bet who will place in the Top 10 or whatever.

Sportsbooks also offer specific matchup betting on various matchups they have picked where you can bet on who will win or if there is a tie. You can also do live bettin gat some sportsbooks for example bet on who will win the tournament after the 3rd round or whatever.

Common LPGA Betting Questions:

Where is the best place to bet LPGA online?

Any of the aforementioned sportsbooks are the best options.

Where can I get LPGA Betting Tips?

A great resource is the LPGA section at

Where To Watch LPGA Online:

The Golf Channel website usually streams the LPGA online.

LPGA Betting Strategy:

LPGA is not that popular a sport in terms of betting so that’s good from a betting perspective. It means the odds just aren’t as sharp as something like the PGA.

Diving into the statistics will really help. Look at a course history. Look at what works there. Look at who has performed well there and also look at who is coming in off form or on form and more importantly – figure out if that’s a factor or not. Someone coming in off form who performs well on a course usually might actually be a good bet – look at the previous years and their form coming into it.

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Types of PGA Bets:

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