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Where To Bet PGA Three-Ball


Golf, and especially the PGA Tour, is one of my favorite sports to bet on. The drama that unfolds over the tournament is fantastic and one great day can change everything. It can be really fun when you have a play on one of these golfers and he just gets in the zone. That is really what it’s all about.

The only thing about that? There are a ton of golfers in every tournament. Even if your golfer gets in that zone, it can often be too little too late. One fun alternative to betting this is PGA Three-Ball. Three-ball is a bet on the threesome that goes out and who will do the best. Not the entire field, just the threesome.

PGA Three-Ball is a fun way to bet on golf without having to worry about some out of the blue gofler having the round of his life. It’s one day and that’s it. This article will tell you a bit more about PGA Three-Ball including where to bet it, how to bet it, and how to win betting it.

Where To Bet PGA Three-Ball:

America: One of the best sites for golf online is Bovada. They offer three-ball on most tournaments throughout the season.

Canada: You can find two-ball, three-ball and more at Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook might be the best place to bet golf online. They have Three-Ball and, best of all, E/W bets.

What is PGA Three-Ball?

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In most tournaments, golfers are assigned in threesomes for the day. A PGA Three-Ball bet would be a bet on who will win out of those three golfers.

So, to use an example let’s say the threesome is Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Brooks Koepka. The odds for that day might look like.

– Tiger Woods -100
– Jason Day +200
– Brooks Koepka -250

In this particular threesome, Koepka is the favorite (must be a major) and Day is a big underdog while Woods is even money. The betting for this is only for that day and no previous scores or later rounds are taken into account. The odds are often based on the overall odds for the tournament.

Common PGA Three-Ball Questions:

What if a tournament goes with foursomes or twosomes for their rounds?

Some tournaments do go with a four-person tee time and in that case, you would bet the PGA Four-Ball. For two players as you see in later rounds, simply go with a PGA Head to Head/Two-Ball bet.

How To Bet PGA Three-Ball:

Bovada: Click “Golf” from the top menu and find the current tournament. When the threesomes are announced, you will be able to find odds here.

Sports Interaction: On the left hand side of the page, click “Golf” and either “PGA” or the current tournament name. Odds will be found here.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left hand side of the page click “Golf” and the odds will be listed for upcoming tournament here.

PGA Three-Ball Betting Strategy:

Course history is something that is always important to study when it comes to making golf betting tips. Certain golfers own certain courses for whatever reason and others have a hard time on certain courses. Knowing the history of your golfer on a particular course can be a big leg up on the competition.

Variants To A PGA Three-Ball: