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Where To Bet The European Tour Online


The European Tour is the primary golf tour in Europe. While the PGA Tour is where many of the greatest golfers in the world play, the European Tour isn’t as far behind as you would think and it is one of the top golfing leagues in the world.

While there is much more money in the PGA, thus drawing the better players, a lot of the courses on the European Tour are superior. The playing conditions are also more varied as they hit so many different countries and climates. It is a great breeding ground for many of the top pros in the game with one great example being 2017 US Open winner Brooks Koepka.

Best of all, the European Tour is much more of a world tour than the PGA Tour. It has more events throughout the world and is a great access point for people to get into the game. I am a big fan of it and loving betting the events.

This article is going to cover just how I bet these events, where I bet them as well as how to bet them. Let’s get to how to bet the European Tour so you can get out there and start winning.

Where To Bet the European Tour Online:

America: Bovada offers odds on all of the European Tour events and have a good selection of props.

Canada: Bodog is a great resource for Canadians looking to follow the European Tour.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a place that I vist to bet on the European Tour and it has the best selection of prop bets online.

Where To Make Specific European Tour Bets:

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Race to Dubai: This competition lasts the entire European Tour season and of course you can bet on it throughout the season. I cover the Race to Dubai betting within this article.

How to Bet the European Tour Online:

The European Tour is considered a major tour so their odds are never far from the main page of your sportsbook.

Just navigate to the “golf” section and you should see a link to the European Tour with the latest events listed. Here are specifics:

Bovada: In the Sports section of the site click “Golf” on the left. All golf tournaments will be listed. At the top click on “All Golf” and filter by the European Tour to see just the European Tour bets.

Bodog: Exactly the same as above as they use the same software.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Golf” in the left sidebar and all tournaments are there. The European Tour tournament that week will be highlighted in green and all possible bets will be listed below it.

What European Tour Bets /Props Are There? (The Bet)

European Tour bets are bets placed on the European Tour golf league. There are many different bets you can place on their events. These include:

– Outright winner: Who will win the event.

– E/W (Top 5): A “hedge” bet so to speak where you bet on if the golfer will finish in the top 5. The odds aren’t as good as the winner, but this can still be fairly profitable.

– Match-ups: Golfer vs. Golfer match-ups for a single day of play in a European Tour Event.

– 3 Ball: Similar to above, but for a group of three pairing.

– Sixshooter: Same as above, but with six golfers.

The actual prop list will change based on the tournament and who is playing. Can’t run a “Top Canadian” line if there is only one Canadian playing! This is a list of the standard props they normally run for the European Tour:

  • To Win Outright
  • Top GB & Ireland Player
  • Top Continental European Player
  • Top Rest of World Player
  • 72 Hole Group Betting
  • 72 Hole Match Betting
  • Top 5 Finish
  • Top 10 Finish
  • Top 20 Finish
  • 1st Round Leader
  • 1st Round 3 Balls
  • 1st Round Six Shooter
  • 1st Round 18 Hole Match-Ups

Depending on the tournament you will of course find additional prop bets but those are the standard bets available for the majority of European Tour tournaments.

Common European Tour Betting Questions:

Does the European Tour have majors?

In 2017, the European Tour launched the Rolex Series which was a series of events with higher prize funds than regular events. These alwas bring out the best players and therefore could be considered more “major” events.

These events are the BMW PGA Championship, Open De France, Irish Open, Scottish Open and the Italian Open. The events in the Final Series are also apart of this and they are the Turkish Airlines Open, Nedbank Golf Challenge and DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.

What is a 1st round Six Shooter Bet?

The online sportsbook will pick six golfers and put them in what is essentially a group. Out of the six, you need to bet on which golfer will get the best score. As it is 1st round that means that it is based only on the scores in the first round. They only have to beat the other players that are playing in that group. So even if you bet say Thomas Pieters and he scores a +2 in the 1st round – as long as the 5 other golfers in the group of 6 scored +2 or worse, then you would win the bet.

That is also similar to what 72 Hole Grop Betting is etc. Except that one of course will feature a group of 4-6 people and then it takes place over the course of the entire tournament.

With so many golfers participating in each tournament, it can be a good bet to look at because there is obviously going to be less variance and you can study less golfers.

Where To Watch European Tour Golf Online: usually streams that weeks tournament online.

European Tour Betting Strategy:

Knowing the type of course is key in the European Tour as each can be very different. Looking at things like course history for players is an absolute must.

I also like to look at recent form as well. While a golfer may have performed great on this course a year ago, if they were +10 and missed the cut at their last tournament I don’t want to pick them.

Good recent form and course history are two of the top factors I look at when betting the European Tour.

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