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Where To Bet Bellator Online


Bellator is an MMA promotion and arguably the 2nd biggest in the world, after UFC of course.

It was founded in 2008 by Bjorn Rebney but as of this articles writing, Scott Coker is the president.

In this article I’m going to be talking about betting on Bellator – placing bets on Bellator fights.

I’ll be explaining exactly what betting on Bellator is, the options and where you can place bets on Bellator as betting on Bellator is a surprisingly hard thing to do still. Not too many sportsbooks offer Bellator betting.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet on Bellator Fights:

America: The best place by far is Bovada. They offer up futures and are one of the only sportsbooks to also offer over/under finishes on Bellator fights. BetOnline is also another place to look as they will have futures too.

Canada: I’ve got to go with Bovada because they offer up betting odds well in advance, offer up props such as over/unders and futures as well.

United Kingdom: Your best and really only reliable betting option for Bellator is 888.

Everywhere Else: It’s rare I recommend Bovada to the “everywhere else” category but like I said above – they have the best options for Bellator betting and if you’re looking to bet on Bellator, they’re the best online sportsbook to do it by far.

How to Bet on Bellator online:

Bovada: You will need an account so be sure to head over to Bovada and click to register. Once logged in, on the top you will see “MMA” and in there you can find “Bellator”. However be sure to check that AND “MMA Props” then hit continue as that may show Bellator specific props. The bets will then be listed there for you to bet on Bellator.

What Bellator Bets/Props Are There?

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Light Heavyweight Grand Prix: The Light Heavyweight Grand Prix begins in April 2021 and features the likes of Bader, Johnson, Machida and Romero. It should be a stacked tournament and I cover the best online sportsbooks to bet it at here.

Betting on Bellator is simple – it’s placing bets on the outcome of Bellator fights.

At it’s most basic you are picking a fighter to win the fight and if they do so – regardless of how they do it – you’re going win money based on the amount that you bet.

You can also do doubles, triples, accumulators and parlays in relation to Bellator betting. That can be handy when there are multiple strong favourites which is common in Bellator as it is on all MMA cards – you don’t want to risk $100 to win $35 on a strong favourite but you can place a bet for two favourites to win and get a much healthier payout such as $100 wins $90.

However one thing to note about betting on Bellator is that betting who will win a fight isn’t just the most common bet you can make – it’s currently one of the only bets you can make.

Unlike UFC, it’s difficult to find a wide variety of Bellator props. Wheras in UFC you can bet things like if the fight will end in the 1st minute, the method of victory, the total rounds and many more props – Bellator just does not have that big a selection.

The only other prop we’ve found on a regular basis is an over/under rounds prop. In a typical 3 round fight you’ll be able to bet if the fight will go over 1.5 rounds or under 1.5 rounds, or if it’s a fight expected to got to a decision, bet if it will go over 2.5 rounds or under 2.5 rounds.

On matches with 5 rounds you will be able to bet over or under 2.5 rounds.

So at the moment, the most common bet you will be able to make if you’re looking to bet Bellator online is who will win a particular fight.

Common Bellator Betting Questions:

Why is there no Bellator betting odds at the online sportsbook you recommend?

Most likely it is because you are looking too early. Unfortunately online sportsbooks aren’t really good at getting Bellator lines up in advance. I’m personally finding that for the majority of Bellator cards, if it is taking place on a Friday night, the online sportsbook won’t have odds up until maybe Thursday evening.

That’s most common for the “no name” fights anyway. For fights involving stars such as Roy Nelson or King Mo, they’ll usually have the odds up in advance.

Can I bet Bellator Futures online?

You can’t bet futures based on theorized fights like you can in UFC – but the online sportsbook Bovada will offer up odds for confirmed fights taking place months in advance at times. For example the Bellator World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament – Bovada had the odds for that up allowing you to bet on it about 5 months in advance.

Where To Watch Bellator Online:

Bellator main cards are aired on television. You would have to check if your local television provider that airs Bellator offers online streaming. They usually will air the prelims on their website at

Bellator Betting Strategy:

MMA is still relatively new in the world of sports betting and there’s lots of value to be had. With Bellator I usually:

(1) Look at undercard matches or lower card matches with names people may not know and then fully research them. It’s common for the linesmakers to put out soft lines for these ones not fully aware of each fighters skills or ability. If you study hard you can find some great value here.

(2) Bet against the big favourite “name” fighter who is most likely from UFC. Of course it depends on their fighting ability so don’t blindly do this however you’ll find the public dictate this line huge figuring they’re from UFC, they gotta win. There’s been a lot of value over the years betting against these types, such as betting against Benson Henderson in his fight versus the very talented Andrey Koreshkov.

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