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Where To Bet the Bellator Grand Prix


Bellator are running a World Grand Prix in the Light Heavyweight division and I cannot wait to both watch it and of course bet on it.

In this article I am going to cover where to bet the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix.

It is a jam packed tournament and we will see it begin on April 9th with the next matches taking place on April 16th. The eventse are known as Bellator 256 and Bellator 257 respectively.

Before we talk about betting odds and so on let’s jump right into the main question – where to bet the Bellator Grand Prix.

Where To Bet the Bellator Grand Prix

The best online sportsbook to bet the Bellator Grand Prix is BetOnline.

First of all they are a completely trustworthy sportsbook. They have been around for many years and I personally use them to bet multiple times per week.

They also have a great bonus and often have the best odds. That’s why I bet at them multiple times per week. For NHL for example they have the best odds probably more than 50% of the time compared to the 10 other sportsbooks I bet regularly at.

When it comes to MMA they have great odds and lots of futures and props and betting options. They were the first online sportsbook to offer up Bellator Grand Prix odds for example back in February – 2 months prior to the event.

So if you are looking to bet the Bellator Grand Prix, bet it at BetOnline.

What bets are available for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix?

At this time, you can currently bet on each individual fight. You can bet on who will win each fight. These are found under the MMA section at BetOnline.

You can also bet on who you think will win the entire tournament. These will be found under the futures / props section within the MMA category.

As we get closer to the event, there will likely be numerous betting props available for each fight. Based on the history of what BetOnline have to offer you’ll be able to bet in what round a finish will be in, or if it will go to decision, or the method of victory.

There will also bet betting props available such as if Round 3 will start or if the fight will end before then.

As betting props are made available I will update this listing.

Common Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Questions:

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What are the betting odds for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix?

The betting odds for who will win the Grand Prix are the following:

  1. Vadim Nemkov: +190
  2. Yoel Romero: +400
  3. Ryan Bader: +550
  4. Anthony Johnson: +700
  5. Corey Anderson: +1000
  6. Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov: +1000
  7. Phil Davis: +1400
  8. Lyoto Machida: +3300

The betting odds for the individual fights are:

  1. Ryan Bader (-350) vs Lyoto Machida (+275)
  2. Corey Anderson (-140) vs Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov (+110)
  3. Vadim Nemkov (-155) vs Phil Davis (+125)
  4. Yoel Romero (-130) vs Anthony Johnson (+100)

Odds taken from BetOnline on February 15th, 2021.

How to Bet the Bellator Grand Prix

At BetOnline simply use their sidebar and expand the Martial Arts section. For individual fights and picking a winner or loser choose the “MMA” section and for the futures such as who will win the entire tournament, look at the MMA Props section.

Bellator Grand Prix Betting Strategy:

My first thought is if we blindly believe the odds, then there is tremendous value on Vadim Nemkov against Phil Davis. Considering he is such a strong favourite to win the tournament then that is an easy bet. Similar thoughts for Yoel Romero.

The betting line has been moved early to put Corey Anderson as a favourite. I really like Yagshimuradov and think if you are getting anything above +100 for him it is value. Dude can be a beast from what I ahve seen of him and he can be very fast and has that striking that can rock people hard.

Romero also looks a good bet as he has remained active and is still a beast.

Bet the Bellator Grand Prix at BetOnline.

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