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Where To Bet NXT / NXT Takeover


In this article I will cover where to bet NXT.

NXT is of course WWEs developmental system, which has recently underwent some dramatic changes. It went from being primarily a feeder league airing for an hour a weekon the WWE network to being essentially its own promotion, airing on the USA network for 2 hours to counteract AEW Dynamite.

Betting wise however, that really didn’t impact things. You’ve always been able to bet on NXT Takeover events and that is still the case. There is no sportsbooks that currently offer the ability to bet on the weekly NXT TV show, although you CAN actually make bets related to the Wednesday Night Ratings War.

However if you are wondering where to bet NXT Takeover, then I’ve got you covered. Before we go any further let’s answer that question:

Where To Bet NXT

America: Whether or not sportsbooks that accept Americans will offer NXT Takeover betting odds is generally hit and miss. I’ve seen them offered sometimes but not all the time. There seems to be no consistency to it. However for Americans looking to bet the next NXT event, I advise checking out BetOnline. They are a sportsbook who more often than not, will offer the ability to bet on NXT wrestling.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for NXT betting is 888. Not only do they offer betting on every single NXT Takeover and match, but they also offer up prop bets too! The prop bets will vary based on the match, and the show itself.

For every NXT match you can bet on Dave Meltzers star rating for example. They may then offer up odds such as what team will make the first tag, or the method of victory.

Finally 888 also offer various NXT prop bets such as over/under bets on their TV ratings, and the difference between them and AEW Dynamite from that week.

Where To Make Specific NXT Bets:

Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings: Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer rates all the NXT Takeover matches on his star rating scale. You re able to bet over/under on the star ratings he will give matches. For more details on that read this article.

NXT TV Ratings: Want to bet on the “Wednesday Night Wars”? There is a variety of bets you can make in regard to the NXT Wednesday TV show. You can bet on their ratings and how they fare up against AEW Dynamite. In this article I go into detail about that, provide resources for historical TV ratings, and of course tell you the strategies for betting NXT TV.

How to Bet NXT Online

BetOnline: For whatever reason, NXT betting and all wrestling betting is practically ‘hidden” here. Click the link to visit them and go to the sports section. On the side menu you will see “GAME PROPS”. Click to expand that and you will see “Wrestling” listed. Click on that and all of their wrestling bets will be displayed.

Bovada: Click the link and register an account there if you don’t have one. Log in and on the menu of sports up top you can find “Wrestling”. All of their wrestling odds, including NXT odds if there are any, will be displayed.

888: You can either use the search bar at the top, or click “All Sports”. They have a section entitled WWE/Pro Wrestling where all of their wrestling betting odds, including NXT, are listed.

What NXT Bets /Props Are There?

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So first of all this varies from card to card.

There are a few constants however. The first one is of course who will win a match between two competitors. Those matches will also have the option of betting on the star rating that Dave Meltzer will issue in his Wrestling Observer newsletter. Yep that is right – you can bet over/under on what Dave Meltzer will rate that Keith Lee match.

They often attach a “Current champion to retain the title” bet as well in the case of a DQ finish – which to fair is quite rare in NXT matches.

Then it depends on the match and the interest level. Props I have seen in the past for NXT matches include:

  • First team to make a tag
  • Method of victory (pinfall, submission etc)
  • Over/under on minutes of a match
  • Over/under on Adam Coles near falls in a match
  • Participant to hit the first near fall

It changes match by match and there are quite a few sportsbooks that will actually allow you to suggest bets to them and they will grade them and add them. Pretty cool.

Common NXT Betting Questions:

Where can I get NXT Takeover Betting Odds?

When an NXT Takeover is out and all of the matches are set up and are listed by the sportsbook, we will list the odds here. Otherwise you can see the latest NXT Takeover betting odds by checking out one of the above listed sportsbooks.

Where To Watch NXT Online:

The weekly shows are aired on television or you can watch it on the WWE Network on Thursday nights. NXT Takeover events can be watched exclusively on the WWE Network.

NXT Betting Strategy:

Well first of all I’d advise listen to the smart lads over at Going Over: Bet Wrestling Podcast as they are geniuses. Okay I’m one of them. But seriously I cover wrestling there and do very well.

Wrestling betting is all the same – figure out what makes sense. Look at the long term, the future. Especially with NXT there is a lot less upsets or swerves. Even Ciampa losing to Adam Cole at NXT Takeover Portland – a lot of people expected Cole to lose there, however both were -118 meaning they were even odds to win like a coinflip.

Just don’t let “fantasy booking” get in your head. That’s where people make mistakes. Internet darlings like Rusev etc (using a prime WWE example) – don’t fall into the trap of betting them.

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