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Where To Bet Italian Serie A Online


Acting as the professional league for those at the top of the Italian football league system, the Italian Serie A is a round-robin tournament that’s been running for ninety years now. Going under the name of ‘Serie Tim A’ as well, it started in 1929 in its present incarnation, with the body itself being founded in 1898. With so much history it’s no surprise then that it’s become such an institution within the Italian football leagues, also offering many bets over the years, which we’ll now look at here.

Ranked in at third place within Europe’s overall line-up of leagues, it’s officially recognized by the UEFA themselves, making it one of the most prestigious tournaments currently out there. Overseen by the ‘Lega Serie A’, it’s run alongside the many other professional football leagues Italy has to offer too. Known for its high output of talent, it’s presented many notable teams and players onto the world-stage over the duration of its run, as they go on to play in international leagues and tournaments.

With a continual output of players and teams comes an equally constant level of quality and competition offered. How do you best deduce the teams and players that are going to excel though, and where can you find a bet that best works for you?

Where To Bet The Italian Serie A:

America: Everyone in the North American region will find that Bovada best serves them when it comes to betting on the Italian Serie A, as well as on Soccer in general from across Europe. Around the time of the event itself, you should find plenty of bets available.

Canada: Here your best choice will be Sports Interaction, as it provides a comprehensive list of all the Italian Serie A bets available.

Everywhere Else: This again will be Bet365 Sportsbook, offering international coverage of all your Italian Serie A betting needs.

What is The Italian Serie A?

Being the top professional league in Italy, those that win the Serie A are awarded the Coppa Campioni d’Italia and the Scudetto. The Coppa Campioni d’Italia is the trophy given to those that win, while the Scudetto is a decoration worn by clubs and teams that have previously won the league. Currently winning the most championships, the club Juventus has the most Serie A awards out of any other team in Italy. The ‘Supercoppa Italiana’ is an annual smaller competition that opens up the Serie A a week prior to the main games, with the previous winning teams taking part, setting up the forthcoming season.

Officially recognized by the ‘Union of European Football Associations’, or the UEFA, themselves, the Serie A is a platform to playing internationally for many. This is the current general layout of the league itself:

  • Main Season: Taking place from August to May, around twenty teams participate in a round-robin based format to find the top four teams.
  • Qualifiers: The top four teams go on to secure spots in the UEFA Champions League, while the teams finishing in the fifth and sixth places go on to the UEFA Europa League.
  • Points: Teams are given three points for winning a game, one point for drawing, and no points for losing.

This being the main set-up for the overall games themselves, there’s a lot of pressure to come out on top above the rest. What should you look for when placing a bet though, and how can you make the most of your money?

Common Italian Serie A Questions:

What kind of bets are there?:

First of all you will be able to bet on each of the upcoming individual games themselves, which is regularly updated. Included in this is deciding what the scores will be at ‘Half Time/Full Time’ for each of the teams. Then there’s the team members, with certain players marked as ‘Multi Scorers’, as you can choose how many goals they’ll score over a specific amount of time. Finally you have the props and handicaps, such as the ‘Asian Handicap’, which sees the stronger teams starting out with a handicap, giving you better more profitable odds in the long-run.

Where can I see the games?:

In America you should be able to watch the games on ESPN, with them holding the rights to Serie A, along with DAZN and TLN holding them in Canada. The UK has the matches available on FreeSports and Premier Sports, with them being live across all of Europe, as well through various other different providers. Italy itself has them available on Sky Sports, along with DAZN, with constant coverage of all the games there. You can also get yourself a ‘Serie A Pass’, where you can see the games officially streamed online at times, keeping you continually updated as to the progress of the teams.

How to Bet The Italian Serie A:

Bovada: From the main page you should be able to find the ‘Soccer’ option immediately available, being in the navigation bar just below the main one at the top. In the roll-down menu below now with ‘All Soccer’, you want to move down and select ‘Italy Serie A’, which should be about the fourth choice down. Now you will have all of the available bets, with the various odds given as well.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Selecting ‘English’ from the landing page, you can then go on and choose ‘Soccer’, which is some way down the left-hand side now. Some way down the middle of the page you should then find a list of countries available, with ‘Italy’ being just underneath the ‘UEFA Competitions’ section. From here you can then select the ‘Serie A’ option, which then provides all the available ‘Italy Serie A’ bets down the page center.

The Italian Serie A Betting Strategy:

Firstly you’ll want to analyze which teams are playing and when, as it’s their performance that will define the outcome of any given match. Next you’ll need to know which players will be on, looking at the line-up, keeping yourself constantly updated to their individual playing styles. These can clash with other teams and players, so you should make yourself aware of this by watching older games and seeing how the teams interact with one another.

Soccer is made up of a whole team of players, all with their own way of doing things, but it’s how they work with one another that’s important. With the mixture of bets you should then be able to tailor your own approach to betting, making a more informed and potentially profitable wager in the long-run.

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