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Where To Bet PGA E/W (Each-Way) Bets?


Picking a PGA tournament winner is hard. There are a ton of golfers and they are the very best in their field. Each one is capable of having a great day and busting out a huge under par score.

That said, picking someone to win and picking someone who will be in contention to win are too very different things. In a lot of sports, you don’t get credit for picking someone that will be in the mix. Not in golf though. Golf has this magical betting option called E/W or each way betting. In this, you pick your winner but then also get credit if they finish in the top five.

PGA E/W Betting is the key to a winning season when betting on golf. This article is going to explain a bit more about E/W betting, how to bet it, where to bet it, and the best strategies for doing so.

Where To Bet PGA E/W:

Everywhere (except US): Bet365 Sportsbook offer the best E/W betting on golf online. They up the odds to top-8 for major tournaments as well.

They also make it very easy to use and lay out exactly how much you will win.

United States: Unfortunately, Bovada does not offer E/W bettin. They do, however, let you bet on PGA Tournament winners, top-5 and top-10. So you can make your own E/W bet by spreading the bet around.

What are PGA E/W Bets?

A PGA each way bet is a bet on a particular golfer to win a tournament. If that golfer wins, you get paid at the full amount of their odds. This is typical of a tournament winner bet. Where things get interesting is if they don’t win and still place in the top five, you still get paid. Not that full amount, but at reduced odds that can still be profitable.

Typically, this is for top-five but some books like Bet365 Sportsbook they will improve that to a top-eight finish for major tournaments.

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Each way betting can be confusing so I will try and explain it here.

You could bet Rickie Fowler to win a tournament at 20/1 odds outright. However if you choose the each/way option, the odds on that are usually 1/4 and will be for the top 5 places.

That means is you are essentially placing two separate bets. One where if Rickie wins the tournament, you win at 20/1 odds. And then another bet where all he has to do is place in the top 5 and then you will get 1/4 odds on the 20/1, or 5/1.

So if Rickie won the tournament, you would win both the 20/1 bet and the 5/1 bet.

Note there are dead heat rules. If Rickie finishes 5th along with 2 others that is a dead heat. In this case the return is actually going to be divided by the amount of people that share that. So if 3 people finish 5th, you would get 1/3 of what you would normally get.

A great way to think about and understand an each-way bet is to think of it as two separate wagers. One of the wagers is on who will win the tournament and the other wager is on a top-5 finish. If the player wins, you get paid out big. If the player only ends up placing, you still get paid but not as much as if they had won.

Common PGA E/W Questions:

What is the typical pay out on a top-five finish with an E/W bet?

Typically the pay-off on a bet of this type is 1/4 the odds of what the “to win” odds on the gofler were.

For example, Brooks Koepka is +800 to win the tournament. He does not win, but manages to finish in the top-5. This would then pay +200.

Of course, odds vary from book to book so be sure to check when placing your bet.

Can you cash out E/W bets during the tournament?

No you cannot. Some sportsbooks allow the option to cash out your bets while they are in progress however that is generally reserved for outright winners and you cannot cash out E/W bets. If you wish to have the option to cash them out, you would do two separate bets of to win and top X.

Is E/W always for top-5 finishes

Honestly, it depends on the sportsbook. The most common way is for this bet to be paid on a win and a top-5 finish. However, there are some sportsbooks that put these odds on only a top-3 finish. This is good and bad as it pays out more than the top-5, but it is also more difficult to hit on.

Additionally, there are those sportsbooks that offer for top-7 or top-8. You will typically find these available on big tournaments like The Masters or The Open.

What if my sportsbook doesn’t offer E/W?

If that’s the case then you can still bet these, but you just have to do this the old fashioned way.

What I mean by that is you just need to make separate bets on the golfer to win and to finish in the top-5. A good way to go about this is to split your bet in half and place half on the win bet and half on the top-5 bet. This is a good strategy for golf betting in general, but it is definitely the way to go if you are looking to do E/W betting.

How To Bet PGA E/W:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the tournament of your choice (click “Golf” on left side of the page) and pick your golfer or golfers that you would like to bet on. On the bet slip you will see an option for E/W. Click that box and you’re on your way.

PGA E/W Betting Strategy:

My favorite strategy when it comes to golf is recent history. I find this far more predictive of future success than any other stat. You might see a golfer who has been really putting well of late, but the courses haven’t been kind to him. Or a golfer who has been consistently under par, but has just run into other golfers having monster days. These are the golfers to target for E/W bets.

Types of PGA Bets:

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Types of PGA Bets:

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