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Where To Bet AEW All Out Online


In this article I am going to talk about betting on AEW All Out. I’ll be discussing where to bet it online – only the best and most reputable sportsbooks listed – as well as what sort of betting is available.

To answer the most popular question – yes, you can bet CM Punk vs Darby Allin. You can currently bet it at BetOnline.

AEW All Out has been an annual PPV for All Elite Wrestling since 2019 and we have been able to bet on it over the years. The sportsbooks often list both match bets and a few occasional prop bets as well.

First if you’re just looking for Where to bet AEW then it’s pretty simple; if you’re American go to BetOnline and if you’re living outside of the USA, go to 888. I’ll expand on that later in the article.

Where To Bet AEW All Out Online

America: The best place is BetOnline who are new to the wrestling game, but are eager to make it a success. They’re offering odds early and excellent odds as well compared to the other places listing them. Definitely some value there. Please note that the wrestling odds are listed under “Game Props” which is in the sidebar.

Everywhere Else: The non-stop best place to bet AEW if you live outside of America is 888 who are excellent, trustworthy and also offer more prop bets than others. I should note that if you aren’t American, you are still able to sign up at BetOnline and bet on there as well. Worth doing as they may offer better odds.

What AEW All Out Bets Are There?

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Currently, there are no betting odds for All Out 2021. You can check BetOnline or 888 for latest odds or to see if they are up. I check on a daily basis.

The most common bet of course is who will win each match but there are numerous other bets you can make too.

Depending on the sportbook you will find various props such as over/under on Dave Meltzers star rating, who will get the first near fall, who will be involved in the finish in the tag matches, and more.

Common AEW All Out Questions:

Can Americans bet on AEW All Out?:

Yes you can. BetOnline has had odds up for awhile. You can see them under “Game Props” and they are fast becoming the top destination for Americans looking to bet on wrestling.

How do you bet on pro wrestling?

When you make a bet on one of these matches, you are betting on the result at the end of the night. If there is some sort of match that has the decision reversed at a later date, that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen before the end of the show.

If a match finishes in a disqualification or a count-out, that still counts and the winner pays out based on those finishes as well.

The best way to bet on pro wrestling like this is to try and figure out where things are headed after this. So for a match like Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears, you need to consider where each man will be going forward. Maybe Spears wins to build a new star in the company. Maybe Cody wins to set-up a title shot down the line. It’s all about the booking plans in pro wrestling.

What was the first AEW All Out Card and what were the betting odds?

The initial AEW All Out took place at the Sears Centre Arena in Illinois. It was their last big show before they hit television in October, and was headlined by Chris Jericho versus Adam Page. Chris Jericho won to be the AEW World Champion. The show also featured the Young Bucks taking on the Lucha Brothers in a ladder match for the AAA World Tag Team championship.

Odds were:

  • Lucha Brothers -200 vs Young Bucks +140
  • Chris Jericho -345 vs Adam “Hangman” Page +225
  • Kenny Omega -155 vs Jon Moxley +110
  • Cody Rhodes -180 vs Shawn Spears +140
  • The Dark Order -200 vs The Best Friends +160

What were the AEW All Out 2020 Odds?

Here were the odds for All Out 2020:

  • Moxley -162 vs MJF +115
  • Jericho -139 vs Orange Cassidy +100
  • Shida -770 vs Thunder Rosa +400
  • FTR -400 vs Hangman Page & Kenny Omega +250
  • Dark Order -625 vs Matt Cordona, Natural Nightmares and Scorpio Sky +350

For the Casino Battle Royale they had an incredible amount of props available such as how many eliminations certain wrestlers get etc or who lasts the longest.

How to Bet AEW All Out Online

BetOnline: Simply look under “Game Props” on the sidebar and the selections will be listed there.

888: It’s under the WWE/Pro Wrestling section. Either use the sidebar to select “All Sports” then go to it that way or simply search for the odds in the search bar at the top of the site.

AEW All Out Betting Strategy:

We’ve now had almost an entire year of AEW TV and so based on that, we can get a much better idea of what they are doing booking wise. For example screwjobs aren’t a thing. Unlike WWE you don’t have to factor in DQs. They generally like to have a finish as much as possible.

The Page/Omega tag team has overcome adversity before however. Is this where they do the split? It’s been a strong push for FTR to begin with but the Page/Omega storyline has had a lot of turns and swerves and it wouldn’t surprise me if they retain the titles in some manner. It seems too soon to give MJF the belt and Moxley probably shouldn’t lose it just yet. Jericho also I’d expect will win the rubber match – but then the picture of him rolling about in the mimosa could be money.

Below notes were for 2019:

It’s obviously a tricky one to handicap. However don’t think of it as an individual event anymore or even think about AEW All Out – think about what is best for the TV show in general. Who would be the best one to have as champion or champions? What feuds or storylines have been set up at the shows so far and how would that work out coming into TV? Who are the acts that they want to give credibility to before TV etc?

Also think about who is strong and can afford a loss, and who needs a win to sort of balance things out.

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