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Where To Bet WWE Clash of Champions


WCW had a show called Clash of the Champions which was one of their marquee television special events with multiple specials throughout the year. When WWE bought WCW they took over all of their show names, but Clash of Champions is the only one they’ve really used on a regular basis. Also, they removed “the” for some reason.

Clash of Champions is a WWE event so there is always fun and money to be made betting on it. If you are interested in betting on WWE’s Clash of Champions, you came to the right place.

Where To Bet WWE Clash of Champions:

America: BetOnline offers betting odds on WWE Clash of Champions and all WWE major events where champions defend.

Everywhere Else: There is no need to stress about where to bet WWE Clash of Champions. Like The Undertaker you can rest in peace because Mr Green has you covered.

What is WWE Clash of Champions betting?

A bet on a WWE event like Clash of Champions sees the sportsbook set a line on the participants in the match. A moneyline is set on each competitor with the favorite having higher odds.

Let’s take a look at a match from 2020 for example:

Drew McIntyre (-200) vs Randy Orton (+140)

So, let’s say you bet on Drew McIntyre. He is the favorite at -200 so a $100 bet would pay out at $50. Or a $200 bet would pay out at $100.

If you bet on the underdog, Randy Orton, a $100 bet would pay out $140.

Common WWE Clash of Champions Questions:

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What upsets have there been at WWE Clash of Champions?

The biggest upset in my personal records for WWE Clash of Champions came during the 2017 event during a triple threat match for the United States championship. Baron Corbin was the champion and a huge -600 favorite in his match against Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler.

However, Dolph Ziggler managed to escape with a victory that paid out at +400.

2016 also saw a couple of big upsets as Big E & Kofi Kingston (+333) defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, and Chris Jericho (+333) defeated Sami Zayn.

What WWE Clash of Champions Betting Props Are There?

There are always a variety of betting props with different props depending on the match.

The 2020 Clash of Champions had a triple threat match with Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles. Along with betting the winner of the match, you could also bet on “The Field”. As in you could bet “The Field” vs AJ Styles. So as long as AJ Styles doesn’t win, you would win your bet.

You can also bet on who will be involved in the finish. The Street Profits fought Andrade and Angel Garza on that show. In that one, you could bet that Andrade would be involved in the finish. They also have props involved there such as what team will make the tag first after the bell rings.

Then you can bet the star ratings of each match based on the Wrestling Observer, and also the duration of each match. They may also deliver specific props for matches such as how many Claymore Kicks will Drew McIntyre hit.

How to Bet WWE Clash of Champions:

BetOnline: There is a big list of sports on the left hand side of the page. Find the spot that says “other sports” and click “Wrestling”. From there you will see “WWE”, click that and look at the Clash of Champions odds.

Mr Green: I love how simple the interface is on this site. Just click on the search bar and type “WWE” and you are where you need to be.

WWE Clash of Champions Betting Strategy:

Clash of Champions is called that because all of the champions defend their titles. What that means to me is, a title is going to change. They aren’t going to have eight matches without a title change, that would be just be strange and honestly kind of predictable.

So look at the odds and try to pick the title change. With WWE, that’s either going to be the tag titles or either the Intercontinental or United States. Figure out which one is the best value and bet accordingly.

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